Selah~Day Ninety Four “Disappointments…A Silent Killer”

Disappointment lurks in the shadows of great strides. I like to think of it as the silent killer, if left unchecked, to great momentum. Disappointment wears many masks:  people, communication, actions, perception, failure, hurts, missed commitments, lies, expectations, failed plans, mis-managed plans, emails, and the list, I am sure, goes on and on and on.

Day 94 seemed to have disappointments at every corner (if days have corners). At the end of the day, I had to really change my thoughts because I was allowing the disappointments of one day hurt and affect the hope I have for the future, whether that future be a day from now or a year from now. When it has all been said and done, Jesus is in control. He knows the deepest part of every heart, every motivation, every word, and every plan. And, He works on my behalf. I only have to be still. Beside, Jesus never disappoints and never fails. So, I fix my eyes on Him and move forward with HOPE.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I fix my eyes on Jesus.

2. Hope is never lost.

3. Jesus fights on my behalf.

4. I can be still.

5. I can change the way I think.

6. I can forgive.

7. Disappointments don’t have to be the end result.

8. Gary made it home safely from the fire station!

9. He had a good shift and got to sleep all night.

10. He takes good care of us. He always seeks the Lord when making decisions for our family.

11. I did a lot, but got little accomplished. This frustrates me to no end. Truly, activity does not EQUAL productivity. I am thankful because I handled the day with patience and grace.

12. The kids ministry area is being de-cluttered, one room and closet at a time.

13. People who invest in a vision that is greater than themselves.

14. Lori and Aaron help me all the time. Great is their reward!

15. Zach helped organize the curriculum. It is done for another 3 mos. And, his lips are a normal size!

16. I was able to speak life into a person’s life today.

17. My friend, Danielle, is a great writer. Her 10,000 reasons blog is so inspiring.

18. Transparency.

19. I get to read several 10,000 reason blogs everyday. Excited that I play a small role in their journey.

20. Even though I work as a kids pastor, I use my degree in English everyday.

21. Gary is helping me stay successful on the Daniel’s Fast Diet.

22. We had a fun, but sad, going away party for Mrs. Bandy. She was a great leader on our team and a wonderful inspiration to our girls. She will be missed.

23. People who make a difference in the life of kids.

24. The Bible and my mom are right. A soft answer TRULY  turns away wrath.

25. I talked softly to a person and changed their perception.

26. My mom taught me to memorize and pray scripture as a little girl.

27. The Word of God does not return void.

28.  Every day is a brand new day.


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