Selah~Day 362

Friday, May 23rd

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in. We woke up so refreshed from a busy week.
2. Judah asked if we could snuggle for a while. Absolutely! He is my snuggle bunny, for now anyway.
3. Even though I work full-time, I get to spend so much time with my little boy. I take advantage of every moment I am with him.
4. Today is my brother’s 32nd birthday. Kyle is so special to me.
5. Kyle is a successful doctor of chiropractic medicine.
6. He is a hard worker and a great dad and husband.
7. Judah’s full name is Judah Kyle Hendrickson. Kyle and I share so many wonderful childhood memories and I wanted to honor our relationship by naming Judah after him.
8. Judah was very understanding when I told him I had to do some work today in order to go on our vacation next week.
9. Judah let me work all morning! He was so cooperative.
10. We took a break and went to Mom mom’s house and he got to play with his cousins.
11. In the eyes of Judah and my nieces, I am an amazing side-walk chalk artist.
12. Old fashioned fun.
13. I love visiting with my in-laws. Spending time with them is so refreshing and peaceful.
14. My father-in-law is responding well to physical therapy. He continues to regain use of his hand.
15. Judah and I sat outside and watched the gentle rain fall to the ground.
16. God didn’t miss anything in His creation! Rain is just another marvel of His great work.
17. We are scheduled to receive a large amount of rain over the next few days. I hope we get saturated.
18. I love my back porch. It is big and I have it outlined with my potted flowers.
19. My Lillies are in full bloom. They grow each year. Unfortunately, they only bloom for a week or two, then they are gone for another year. Yet, their root system and stem is so hearty and strong.
20. Gary loves his job. Every Friday, whichever shift is on duty has the responsibility to wash the rigs and other vehicles. Gary is now assigned to the chief’s car. Even though the duty probably could have been excused due to rain for the next several days, Gary washed the car. I love his work ethic.
21. Gary is a man of integrity. He doesn’t cut corners.
22. School is out for most of our kids. It’s Summer!
23. All of the teachers are getting a much-needed, well-deserved break!
24. My neighbor pulled up my trash cans for me. I was super grateful because it was raining when I got home.
25. Judah told me today that Jesus died for us, but He rose again and now lives in our hearts.
26. From the mouths of babes lives are changed!
27. Truth.


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