Selah~Day 361

Thursday, May 22

My 27 Thanks:

1. I didn’t sleep at all last night, but thankfully I worked a full day without much side effect.
2. The joy of The Lord is my strength.
3. When I am weak, He is made strong in me.
4. Gary made me his famous eggs for breakfast once again. He spoils me.
5. Gary and Judah came to the church to help me with some to-dos.
6. Gary is super handy!
7. He made a small boat out of pallet wood for Mrs. Lori and our preschool summer series about Pirates!
8. They started hanging lights in our praise party room today.
9. Lori came up and finished out the June curriculum crate!
10. Lori is an amazing help. She didn’t feel that great, but she is so faithful.
11. Gary ran and got us all lunch. I love having lunch with my boys throughout the work week.
12. I almost got all my tasks accomplished before I take a week off for vacation.
13. Pastor Marc is such a help and a support to me in Kids ministry. I really appreciate him.
14. Both CYM interns are going to serve with me at Sports Camp.
15. So many of my Kidmin kids received awesome awards at their end of school ceremonies. I have so enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing the pictures!
16. Judah loves listening to praise music. Right now his favorite “church song” is Alive by Hillsong Young and Free.
17. Judah loves to sing too! I love hearing him say, “You are alive in us…”
18. When I got home from work, Gary was mowing our lawn. He is such a handsome lawn boy:)
19. Our yard looks so good. Both Gary and me love to work in the yard.
20. Judah took a nap. This gave Gary an opportunity to work quicker and Judah woke up rested.
21. We made a family ice cream run after dinner.
22. Judah wanted peppermint ice cream from Braums. He is definitely our kid. We all love peppermint ice cream.
23. Family bond.
24. Judah makes us laugh.
25. I laid down in bed at 9:00 p.m.
26. I am officially on vacation from my “office” for a week and a half!
27. My job.


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