Selah~Day 363

Saturday, May 24

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is home from the station. He got to stop by 8s on his way home and see our red shift family. They all are doing well.
2. Judah was so excited to have his daddy home and immediately encouraged a wrestling match.
3. Gary is Judah’s hero! He already wants to be a firefighter like his daddy.
4. I want to be like Gary too! Ha ha ha…I am so honored to be his wife.
5. Gary and I shared such a funny moment today. It is so much fun to laugh with your love.
6. Gary took Judah and me to our favorite lunch place…Pei Wei! We love our Pei Wei.
7. Gary got two pairs of great sunglasses for the price of one. He looks so handsome in them too.
8. Old Navy had an awesome Memorial Weekend sale and we took advantage of it.
9. We tried a new frozen yogurt place and enjoyed it big time.
10. Judah refuses to branch out and try anything else-he is faithful to orange yogurt. I Personally think it tastes like medicine, but he loves it.
11. For some reason, my least favorite thing to do, next to getting my BP taken, is putting up laundry. Today, I put it all up!
12. Gary and Judah took advantage of the warm rain and played in it.
13. They had so much fun and I captured awesome video!
14. The rain has been so peaceful and somewhat gentle. What a blessing to see it!
15. I have wood floors, so clean up from water, mud, and grass is pretty easy!
16. Judah is such a conversationalist. He is forming sentences so well and even uses conjunctions!
17. He loves to talk on the phone too. I love listening to him.
18. I made baked potato soup for dinner. It was so yummy and the perfect meal for our rainy evening.
19. Judah fell asleep quite early this evening. I had time to study my lesson for kids church and hang out with Gary. 
20. We are wrapping up our endurance series tomorrow with the bottom line: I Can Stick with It because God knows the End of the Story! Yes, He does and for that I am thankful. 
21. I spent some time reading and thinking about John’s revelation in Revelations Ch. 21 and 22. God gave John such a beautiful picture to paint with words in His Word. 
22. In Heaven, there is no more sadness, no more pain, no more disappointment, etc…
23. Jesus is preparing that place for us too. 
24. God reveals Himself to us. 
25. My parents taught me the principles of hard-work, dedication, and determination. 
26. I can stick with it even when things get tough. 
27. Endurance. 


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