Selah~Day 109

My 28 Thanks:

1. We had an awesome breakfast with our house guests.

2. Gary had a great time playing guitar with Rony. Even though it was a short time, they had fun.

3. Danielle and Rony blessed us with all their food and condiments. They weren’t allowed to pack any of it into the moving truck and didn’t have enough room in their car. So, we got blessed with it.

4. Some of the items are from Trader Joes. I hear that is an awesome place. Excited to try new things.

5. Danielle left me the sweetest hand written card. Hand written cards should never expire.

6. We all sad goodbye. I am so excited that my friends are getting to return home.

7. Gary, Judah, and I had a fun time running errands together.

8. We found the items that we needed at Hobby Lobby. They were all on the 50% off list too this week.

9. Gary helped me finish the set design for KidMotion. I am excited for Sunday.

10. It only took us 1.5 hours to finish the set.

11. I learned how to setup lights.

12. My friend, Angela Mondragon, loves her new job and it is such a better fit for her awesome family.

13. Gary made a special pallet wood valence for my new kitchen curtains.

14. It turned out better than I thought.

15. My new curtains are hanging in my kitchen and they are beautiful. I love the design.

16. Jenn Myers, a kidmin leader and friend from church, is an amazing seamstress. She made my curtains and they make my home smile.

17. Gary found out about a real life treasure hunt he can go on. He loves to find treasure.

18. Gary helped me straighten the house and wash sheets.

19. My mom is here.

20. She always makes us laugh.

21. We took her to PF Chang’s for her birthday dinner. She loved the food item she ordered.

22.  We went at 5:30 p.m. and there wasn’t a wait at all. We also got to sit at a booth (My mom and I always prefer a booth-we think it is warmer in a booth).

23. Our waitress was phenomenal.

24. Judah and I had a water fight with the water hose. It was so fun. Judah thought it was hilarious to soak me when I wasn’t looking.

25. People responded positively to my blog on fear yesterday. A few people let me know that it ministered to them as well. We are all in this together.

26. We ended the night sitting on the couch, sharing homemade popcorn and great conversation.

27. Judah fell asleep easily.

28. Freedom.


Selah~Day 108 “Do It Afraid”

The first time I remember encountering fear or a spirit of intimidation was in the Summer of 2002. I had just graduated from Oklahoma State (Go Pokes) and had moved to Norman, Ok to attend OU Law school. I was starting law school that summer. Vividly, I remember laying on my living room apartment floor with the Contracts 1 book open preparing to “brief” the 200 pages of reading that I was supposed to do for the 1st DAY OF CLASS. Tears rolled day my face. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know if I could do it or if I even wanted to do it.

Before that time, I don’t remember being afraid of not being able to do something. Sure, I had a Godly fear to obey, follow rules, and respect my parents. But, this particular season in my life was the first time I experienced fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, and fear of disappoinment. Never before had I looked at any task an thought, “This is impossible. I don’t think I am good enough.”

Up to this point, I had worked feverishly to get into law school. I studied, sacrificed fun times, and spent lots of money on tests and a portfolio. I also watched Perry Mason, Matlock, and Law and Order for years (since I was a little girl), hoping I would learn some amazing court room skill that I could use one day.

So, you can understand the surprise when I told my parents I had just dropped out of law school on the first day. I remember my dad saying, “But, sis, this is what you have always wanted!” He was right. I THOUGHT I had always wanted to be a lawyer.

However, the summer before I had spent some time interning in Washington, D.C. for a Congressman. It was an awesome experience filled with rich history lessons, great sight seeing, and a discouraging look at inside politics. It was during that time, I realized that a political life/law life was probably not a fit for me. I would never be who I needed to be to fit that mold. God was changing my plans, but I fought it because I though I was supposed to be a lawyer.

When the first day of law school arrived, the desire to be something else mixed with the fear of inadequacy, thrust me into the admin office to sign drop papers. To this day, I DO NOT regret my decision. Truthfully, I know it was the right thing to do. I found a love for education and teaching and now ministry.

Now, fast forward 11 years, a different fear stares me in the face. I find myself at times sitting on the floor crying like I did those many years ago in my Norman apartment. I am not ready to share the details of this ugly mental beast, but I am thankful for the Word of God and the scriptures that are true…”God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” Daily, I am walking through the process of freedom from this particular fear. Renewing my mind, rebuking the devil, seeking Godly counsel, and focusing on things that are pure, holy, and a good report. But, it is a walk, a journey. And, at least I am walking. I refuse to stay in the same spot.

Unfortunately, the fear is greater than the desire. Shocking, I know. Faith should absolutely fuel us. It does in my life too. But, I am in a season of removing some “bad gas” from my fuel tank. (That is a gross analogy…ha ha ha).

Many times, when “counseling” with people, I ask them, “Do you want to be in this same place a year from now?” Everytime so far, the person responds with a resounding, “NO!” Then, I ask, “Well, what are you going to do right now to start changing your life and breaking the cycle.?” Today, I ask myself that very question.

Joyce Meyers says, “Do it afraid.” It’s time to put on my big girl pants and do it afraid.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I took extra time getting ready this morning. I had worked late the day before and I needed some extra time to prepare for the day. I am glad that there is some flexibility in my job, especially since there is truly never a “clock out” time.

2. Judah enjoys having company. Everyone is a new playmate in his eyes.

3. I can renew my mind.

4. I don’t have to be afraid.

5. I am walking through.

6. God cares about me, every little thing, every part of me.

7. He is my friend. I can talk to Him.

8. I didn’t go to law school. I didn’t waste a lot of money pursuing something that I had lost a desire for.

9. I became an educator instead.

10. I use my degree and training on a daily basis.

11. Educators.

12. The educators who invested into my life.

13. I tried a new form of discipline on Judah and it worked well.

14. I was disciplined as a child. I am so thankful my parents cared enough to help me learn to control my anger, my language, my actions, etc…

15. Many of my kidmin team are going to the Family ID conference.

16. My in-laws got dinner for Judah and me.

17. My in-laws are so good to me. I am so blessed with the most caring in-laws.

18. Judah ate his dinner well.

19. My mom will be here this weekend to spend her birthday with me!

20. Holly dropped by for a nice evening visit.

21.She brought me a beautifully “Holly hand painted” shelf for my kitchen. It is so cute and perfect.

22. Holly can truly turn trash into treasure.

23. Judah almost caught a lightning bug. It was so cute watching him try to catch that cute creature. I remember doing that as a kid and making them into rings on our fingers.

24. Another evening spent on the back porch swing.

25. Rony and Danielle are loaded and ready to go back to their home. Home is a good place to be.

26. The last two nights, I have felt like a college girl once again hanging out late with these young kids. Enjoying fun conversations and meeting new people.

27. Judah.

28. Gary.

Selah~Day 107


My 28 Thanks:

1. We ate breakfast together as a family.

2. Healthy food.

3. I had an encouraging, helpful conversation with my friend, Amy. She always knows what to say and when to say it.

4. Danielle and I are sitting next to each other right now, writing our Wednesday Thankful blogs. So glad she shares a love for writing and is on this journey too.

5. Daily people are reading my 10,000 reasons journey blog. They keep me accountable to this awesome adventure.

6. The Old Testament. I LOVE those stories.

7. My friend, JaQuisha, may be one of the kindest, selfless, and loving individuals I know. I am so glad that I get to see her everyday!

8. I received a HUGE shipment of brand new chairs for Kidz Ministry. It was a surprise delivery. They should have been here weeks ago. The facility team was so kind to help me unload the 34 boxes of chairs in a timely manner.

9. People can surprise you in good ways.

10. I am surrounded by people who rise to the occasion when needed.

11. Jameson found an old picture of me in a Christmas Production. He emailed it to me with the caption, “Nice Sweater.” What’s bad….I love that sweater. My mom bought it for me to wear my first Christmas as a teacher. Now, I look at it and realize it is truly one of those “teacher sweaters.” I had a great laugh about the good ole days.

12. Gary and I almost finished our new KidMotion set design. I think the kids will like it.

13. I had a great conversation with my Uncle Danny and my grandma. They are so excited about Danny’s great news from the doctor. And, he gets to go back to work on Tuesday.

14. My entire Kidz Ministry team was out of the church building by 9:00 p.m. This is huge progress. Thankful to parents who pick their kids up on time.

15. The Crossroads Cafe offers a dinner option on Wednesday night. It makes it so much easier for our family to grab a good, cheap dinner before church service.

16. Several of our church families bring neighbor kids to our Wednesday night ministry. They are so important. So thankful that they care. They are making huge, eternal investments in those kids by simply offering a seat in their car.

17. Pastor Marc had huge attendance numbers in CYM. Growth is the will of God and I am super excited for our Youth Ministry.

18. Bryce, one of my teen leaders, is a stellar young man and student athlete. He invited the entire defensive line of Southmoore High School to youth and they came!

19. Dustin was able to fix the KidMotion lights before our service. He was super busy, but took time for kidz ministry.

20. Everyone of my leader’s served last night. No one called in sick or had any work concflicts. I have a great, healthy team.

21. The energy and passion the Wednesday Night Kidz Ministry put behind the song “Jesus is Alive Right Now” was amazing. It was the best I have ever seen.

22. We had a smooth night of ministry.

23. We had a ton of kids and several first time guests.

24.  We have house guests from California. So glad I could open my new home up to them.

25. Gary made them a late night snack of scrambled eggs and fruit. They loved it.

26. We laughed so much. I love sharing stories of funny things. Ryan, one of our guests, told the funniest story of sending a text message to the wrong “Danielle” in his phone. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I enjoy funny people.

27. I actually stayed awake until 1:00 a.m. I am not a late night gal, but I actually did it. One more check on the “doing spontaneous things” list.

28. I asked the Lord some tough questions. I am know He hears me.

Selah~Day 106

Jesus, my leader, steps into my darkest hour and turns it into my greatest opportunity.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Light penetrates the dark.

2. My darkest hour can become my greatest opportunity.

3. Everyone and every organization has a chance to have a turnaround story.

4. Dr. Mark Rutland. I wish he was a member of my family so I could talk to him everyday. He is such a wise man.

5. Dr. Mark Rutland’s book, Relaunch.

6. God makes beauty from the ashes.

7. “Even a field that is completely buned to a crisp looks amazing in about 2 months.” I appreciate the deep thoughts of my new co-worker, Jameson.

8. We had great discussion in staff chapel.

9. Pastor Marc led worship. He is a triple threat…He sings, He acts, and He (dances?). Well, he does preach!

10. We laughed a lot in staff meeting. I love laughing with others.

11. I love being surrounded by so many perspectives that have been formed by their own life experiences.

12. My uncle got a fabulous report from the doctor today. His heart is resonding to the medicine and he has been released to go back to work.

13. I had a great lunch meeting with Tami and Teri.

14. We talked Christmas Production. I love hearing their professional insight.

15. Tami blessed me with lunch.

16. Angela and I had a great conference call with a very creative genius. I love learning from the genius of others.

17. Angela is a great team player and a delight to work with.

18. I use my degree everyday. All my studies in English and Communications are vital to what I do each day.

19. Adoption proceedings for some dear friends of mine and their little girl will be final this next week. Their two year ordeal is coming to an end.

20. Pastor Ted told me that he appreciated my work on a specific project. It is nice to be appreciated.

21. An evening game of smack talk with my fantasy football brothers.

22. Judah and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood.

23. The evening weather was beautiful.

24. Judah finally got to see Paw Patrol. He fell in love with the promo commercials. He watched it 8x today. Thank God for freezone.

25. Laura, my sis-in-law, made extra food tonight for dinner. So, we got to eat with them. I love surprise easy dinner plans.

26. My mom is coming to visit in 3 days. We are going to have a great time celebrating her birthday this weekend.

27. God never gives up on you.

28. He cheers me on.

Selah~Day 105

It has been a few days since I painted a more elaborate picture of my heart. Unfortunately, time constraints stifle my ability to write. My mind is racing and my heart is full, so I hope the time will come soon that allows me an opportunity to share.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary and Judah enjoy watching Phineas and Ferb together. They find similar things funny. Its cute to listen to them laugh together.

2. Judah wants me to hold him first thing upon waking up. If he had it his way, I would hold him for a good hour upon waking up. It is such a sweet time even if it is short lived.

3. I had chit chat time with Gary and Judah before leaving for work.

4. I choose to think on things that are pure, holy, and of a good report. If it isn’t, then I don’t want to think on it. My mind is better for it.

5. I live in this world, but I don’t have to be of this world.

6. The Drewery’s talked trash about my son today and I didn’t beat them up! HA HA HA! Secretviely, they want Aly to marry Judah so she can have an amazing mother-in-law. I love funny conversations with friends.

7. Gary changed out the KidMotion set today in about 2 hours. He is so handy.

8. Pastor Marc made me laugh really hard today. He has such a funny sense of humor. He fits well with our team.

9.  Jameson was encouraged today and I saw excitement from him.

10. I finished a very important script today. I love writing.

11. I finished the script 4 days before my deadline.

12. The people I submitted the script to liked it…I think:)

13. Conversations with Starla are always enjoyable. She has a natural gift to encourage others. Every time I talk to her, she shares another piece of her beautiful heart.

14. Sam Jones is celebrating a birthday today. I am thankful for his heart and his love to serve others.

15. I received a GREEN LIGHT today to pursue change on an issue that has been on my heart for 6 years.

16. Judah was so excited to go to his open house tonight at his little school.

17. He was polite, He said both “hello” and “goodbye” to his  new teachers.

18. Judah got amazing preschool teachers. I can’t wait for him to have this awesome experience. We are so blessed to be able to do this for him.

19. We actually got a super cute family photo while at the school. This rarely happens anymore. And, I didn’t have to bribe Judah with a quarter!

20. All 5 Oklahoma Hendrickson cousins will be at the same preschool on the same day in the same hallway. Oh Boy!

21. We had Pei Wei for dinner with friends, Rony and Danielle. We ate out on the patio and the weather was perfect.

22. Judah devoured his meal and had a great time eating with chop sticks. And, now Danielle has a good memory of fine Chinese Cuisine.

23. We shared the funniest of stories and laughed so hard. I love funny stories.

24. Rony gave me some pointers for fantasy football. I am going to destroy my league. I just can’t settle on a team name.

25. My firend Jamie texted me a sweet message today. She always brings a smile to my face. We are going to do lunch soon.

26. I already have Sunday’s service planned. I am working way ahead this week!

27. When pressure is applied, some people shine. I work with bright lights.

28. I am a part of something that is greater than myself.

Selah~Day 104

My 28 Thanks:

1. Getting to church was easy.

2. I forgot to pick up new candy for our Spin to Win birthday game. So, Gary ran to Wal-Mart and picked up some awesome choices for us. The kids loved the new candy options.

3. Church service went smooth.

4. We didn’t have any technical problems.

5. Our kids church numbers were back up after all the summer vacations and festivities. I loved having a full house again.

6. The kids loved my modern day telling of Zacchaeus.

7. I love watching the kids worship to the song, “Glory to God.” They sing that song with all their heart.

8. Our kidcrew practice from the week before paid off. Our kidcrew was awesome and took it up a level.

9. I love spending time with my 6th grade small group.

10. Danielle sent me a sweet text letting me know that she was praying for us to have a great day and that we wil always be connected through prayer!

11. I love my leadership team. They are awesome and committed.

12. Judah told me that he learned about, “Jesus, the Bible, and David and Goliath.” I wish I could spell Goliath the way he pronounces it, but take my word for it, he says it so cute!

13. Judah loves his class at church. I love that he loves learning about Jesus.

14. We had a spontaneous lunch with the Drewerys. We don’t get to hang out with them too often.

15. Swadley’s wasn’t crowded at all and we got our amazing food fast.

16. Judah and Aly had a fun time together at the restaurant. Aly could be on my “Future Wife for Judah” list.

17. Kidcrew practice went well. Our team is ready for Shine Your Light this coming Sunday. It will be a great new song.

18. Mrs. Debbie has the energy of a 20 year old. Her love for kids music makes me smile.

19. I had a great conversation with Clayton and ironed out the details of our service for Labor Day Sunday. It is going to be so much fun.

20. I got a lot of work done Sunday afternoon, so Monday will be a breeze!

21. During service, I was able to pray with my friend, Laura. I am believing for a new season of life in her life!

22. I saw my friend Kenneth Fullwood sitting across the sanctuary with his mom. After service, I had a nice chat with a dear friend. I would love for Kenneth and Jenny to live closer. Our boys are meant to grow up together! The Judah and Joel team. Maybe one day…

23. Sunday PM service got out earlier than usual. We still had time to hang out as a family after church.

24. Judah fell asleep in the car on the ride home from church. I am glad we didn’t go out to eat afterwards. He was exhausted.

25. Even though Sundays are long days for Judah, he does amazingly well. His attitude is usually flexible and fun.

26. Gary and I cooked dinner together.

27. Gary is the spiritual leader of our home. Last night, a horrible commercial came across the television screen. Immediately, Gary began to pray against the enemy and evil. He prayed protection over our home. I will never put my TV channel on Scy Fi again. In my opinion, that channel is filled with shows who mask the demonic presence with Scy Fi.

28. No evil thing can come near my dwelling.

Selah~Day 103

My 28 Thanks:

1. We laughed a lot today.

2. Laughter makes you feel so good on the inside.

3. We woke up early today and it has made the day seem so much longer.

4. My house has become a comfortable home.

5. My house welcomes me everytime I come through the door.

6. I feel safe and secure in my home.

7. I feel safe and secure in the arms of my Loving Father.

8. I can rest in the shadows of His almighty wings.

9. The morning consisted of play-doh fun, blocks, and pretend play.

10. I do not take for granted any moment that I get to spend on the floor in Judah’s play room. I love playing with him and making memories.

11. We made a huge play-doh mess on the wood floors and had a blast. Thankfully, it cleans up easy.

12. We washed the car today. Judah LOVES washing the car in the automatic car wash. I love experiencing such simple, silly moments with him. Gary and I are so blessed.

13. My friend, Debby, is rocking the Daniels Fast and feeling great! Proud of her.

14. Fantasy Football is fast approaching. Trying to decide my team name for this year. I could just go with “Winner” or “Undefeated” or “Can’t Touch This.”

15. We got so much accomplished on our to-do list. I love accomplishing tasks.

16. We had a great time playing outside in the water. Gary got into Judah’s TINY TINY TINY swimming pool. It was hilarious. I have a picture, but I promised not to post it:)

17. My plants still look so good. They are big and beautiful.

18. Our grass is super green. We have never had green grass throughout the entire summer.

19. I smelled lots of Fall scent candles today. Fall is approaching fast.

20. I came across an amazing Christmas Party idea today. Excited to share it with my friends.

21. I have cooked all weekend.

22. Judah is doing so much better sitting at the table and eating his entire meal. Gary and I are exhausted at the end of the meal, but I know it will pay off in the long run.

23. Training, training, and training a child eventually pays off.

24. Even though I am not a fancy meal cooker, Gary always appreciates my cooking and tells me Thank You all the time.

25. Talking about friendships tomorrow morning in KidMotion. It is so important to surround yourself with Godly friends. You definitely want to be “yoked” with someone who is going in the same direction as you!

26. I have great friends.

27. My in-laws made advanced plans for Labor Day. I am so proud of them.

28. Family.

Selah~Day 102

For 102 days, I have been very aware of the blessings that surround my life. How good God is to us. I realize that as an American, I am blessed to live on this great soil. Sometimes, if I am not careful, I can take my blessings for granted. As I record my 28 thanks, I am not just pulling thanks out of hat to fill space on a blog page. I actually thank God in the moment for the particular blessing.

Blessings are truly all around us and surround the moments in our days. We just have to open our eyes and be aware. I have learned that even in moments of despair and tragedy, my heart can still find ways to Bless the Lord.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary starts his “platinum” 4 day this weekend. It is my favorite set of consecutive 4 days off.

2. We spent some time outside on the back porch. I love mornings.

3. Gary and I teamed up and cleaned our house well. Inside and Outside.

4. Cleanliness is next to Godliness…right? I love clean.

5. Bills are paid.

6. Judah loves to be with me.

7. Skyler sent me a really funny picture and it made me laugh. The picture brought back to memory a really funny story. I love memories.

8. Talking smack with my team mates is fun! Glad we all love each other.

9. My car is parked in a garage. It stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. I missed the garage while we were building this house. Glad to have it back.

10. We had a fun, family trip to Hobby Lobby. I love that place.

11. Judah had fallen asleep in the car ride to Hobby Lobby and  Gary carried him in the store the entire time.

12. My husband is strong and never complains.

13. He does things like shopping just because he wants to be with me.

14. My niece, Abby, made it through surgery just fine.

15. After removing her tonsils, she shouldn’t have anymore episodes of strep and sleepless nights. Her breathing should improve too.

16. Gary and I were able to help out Laura with Abby while she picked up Morgan from school.

17. We got a lot accomplished, but still had a wonderful, relaxing day.

18. I was spontaneous today and diverted a few times from my plan.

19. Judah and I had a fun time playing in the water.

20. We had a relaxing evening out front. We sat in our cul-de-sac and visited with neighbors and watched Judah ride his bike.

21. We live in a cul-de-sac. It is such a quiet street and a safe extended place for Judah to play.

22. Gary and Judah played and allowed me some down time to relax.

23. Judah went to sleep at 9:00 p.m.

24. Gary and I had some time together to chit chat without any interruptions.

25. God cares about me, every little thing, every part of me.

26. He knows me and still loves me.

27. God made rest and He wants us to partake in it.

28. I spent an entire Friday free from work.

Selah~Day 101

My 28 Thanks:

1. It is well with my soul.

2. God is my anchor, my steadfast.

3. Judah and I played a fun game of “pirate” in the car. It was a cute game that didn’t make much since. But, he made it up and thought it was so fun. At least I wasn’t a bad pirate.

4. I got to talk to my friend, Holly, about dreams on my way into work.

5. Dreams.

6. Lunch was catered by Johnny Carinos and it was so good.

7. We celebrated Shea today. It was her last day on staff at Crossroads. She has been a bright face and a sweet hug in my life. I am going to miss her dearly.

8. Shea is “punching fear in the face”, leaving her comfort zone, and following God’s will into the mission field. Wow! So proud of her.

9. My creative mind was active today.

10. Creative meeting was successful.

11. The team liked my pitch for the Christmas production. I even had several laughs when acting out some parts.

12. I am almost finished with a writing project.  I have invested a great deal of time and thought.

13. The completion of tasks feels so good.

14. I had an amazing conversation with our new youth pastor’s wife, Talena. Really excited to get to know her more. She is a very sweet, neat lady.

15. Pastor Marc and I had a great brainstorm session discussing the “gap” we have from kidz ministry to youth ministry. We have some great things planned to fill that gap.

16. Thursday is my Friday.

17. The lady at the library was super helpful and kind.

18. The library has a drive thru book drop-off. I didn’t have to get out of my car to return 20 books.

19. Judah loves for us to read to him.

20. The back porch swing. I love spending time out there.

21. Every conversation I have with Judah is something to treasure. He cracks me up and continually reminds me how much he soaks in from his daily activity.

22. I got to spend the evening with my friend, Danielle.

23. We talked about the future. It is so much better than the past.

24. Your better days can always be before you! You can choose that!

25. I have learned so much about transition and response in the last 7 years.

26. Judah took a shower and that makes bath time so much easier.

27. Judah and I watched 5,000 episodes of Phinneas and Ferb. (Okay, big exaggeration, but it felt like that!)

28. Late night chick-flick to end a great day. It was relaxing.


Selah~Day 100 “2,800 and then Forevermore!”

This morning, I ate a cup of grape nuts while driving to work. Now, before you judge, please note that I was careful and I only took bites when I came to a stop. After a couple of bites, I realized these were not real Grape Nuts. Gary bought the knock off Best Choice brand. While I support the Best Choice and Great Value brands, there are a few items like Saran Wrap and Grape Nuts that don’t work or taste the same as the real thing!

When I saw the knock off brand in the pantry the day before, I commented to Gary and said, “Honey, you bought the Best Choice kind?.?.?” To which he responded, “Yes, I have had them before and they taste exactly the same as Post Grape Nuts.”

Well, I quickly called him after I had my few bites in the car. I wanted to make sure he knew that they were not the same thing! Ha Ha Ha…When I got off the phone with Gary, I swallowed a few more bites of the “want to be” grape nut cereal and started thinking about counterfeit products or knock-offs. After I made a list in my head, I came to the conclusion that nothing is ever as good as the real thing. Whether it be a purse, shoes, love, friendship, or perfume, to name a few, nothing looks as good, feels as good, or works as good as the real deal (at least in my opinion).

Thankfully, Jesus is the real deal. There is no other substitution for Him. No other love, no other peace, no other joy can compare to the love, peace, and joy He has to offer. Today, I celebrate 100 days of giving Him thanks. He is the real deal in my life and no other “brand” can satisfy like He can.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Jesus is the real deal.

2. Judah gave me extra hugs and kisses before I left for work this morning.

3. Judah has never had to go to daycare. That is a huge savings and blessing.

4. Today is the 100th day of my 10,000 reasons journey.

5. !00 days means 2,800 reasons for my heart to Bless the Lord.

6. I get to do this forevermore.

7. I still have my heart “attacks” on my door and when I saw it this morning it reminded me of how thoughtful is my friend, Danielle. She is an encourager.

8. Lori and Aaron came to the church and helped set up kids ministry for tonight. It is a part of their weekly routine. So thankful for their servant’s hearts!

9. Gary brought up lunch and helped setup for ministry tonight too.

10. I got to see Judah on my lunchbreak too. He always brings so much ENERGY to my life.

11. I finalized my teaching notes for Sunday. Going to use Zaccheus to talk aobut friendships.

12. I am a Friend of God.

13. Pastor Marc is letting us borrow some youth stage props for our new Shine Your Light series.

14. We recieved a HUGE blessing this week from some amazing people in our lives.

15. God is faithful and He is true to His Word. Give and it shall be given unto you.

16. Judah and I had a very funny conversation in the bathroom today. Even at 3, boys love to talk about poop.

17. I had an awesome visit with Pastor Marcia today. She and Dorothy are one-of-a-kind, out of this world, wonderful ladies.

18. I only had about 15 minutes at home between work and church. So, I wore my outfit from work to church. I got several compliments. People are not used to seeing me in a skirt.

19.  I received great responses from an email opinion poll that I conducted.

20. I got excited while teaching my “In His Image” lesson tonight.

21. God made me in His image.

22. Angela Mondragon is going to be a great addition to our team. I love her energy and excitement for kids.

23. Ministry went very smooth tonight. Every one was in the right place at the right time.

24. The kids loved our version of Words with Friends and they want to play it again.

25. The game was fun and it required little props!

26. Compromise…it can be a beautiful, powerful thing.

27. I saw big smiles on a lot of faces tonight. I think we sometimes underestimate the power of a smile.

28. Restoration.