Selah~Day 129 “Self-Pity: One of the Devil’s Favorite Weapons”

One of the enemy’s favorite weapons: SELF-PITY!

Since I started this 10,000 Reasons journey, people have asked me different questions like, How do you stay consistent? What will you do when this journey is over? Have you noticed an increased attack from the Devil? Has the enemy attacked your emotions like crazy? I can answer each of those questions with general responses, but I am going to “vent” on the last question for a moment.

My purpose for taking this journey 129 days ago was to get my emotions in check. I don’t want to be a person who is led by emotions or feelings. As a human and furthermore a woman, I have emotions and feelings. At some times, they are heightened. God gave me these emotions and feelings. But, He doesn’t want them to control my life. I also realize they can be misleading and mis-managed. So, when my life was flooded with emotions of doubt, despair, discouragement, anger, fear, hate, bitterness, loss, grief, and on and on and on, I had to make an immediate decision to not allow the devil to use those feelings and emotions as  weapons against me. So, Selah~My 10,000 reasons journey, A journey of thankfulness~ was going to be the BEST weapon of choice to defeat the enemy.

Because of this journey, I have made a decision to be VERY PRESENT in every moment of every day. With every moment, I am looking for a way to Bless the Lord. So far, I have never had a difficult time in finding ways to Bless Him. With God in your life, every moment~even the tough, yucky, and disappointing ones~you can find God in the mix and a way that He is working on your behalf. Being very aware of every conversation, every interaction, and every moment has its down-side too. There are times when I haven’t looked for the positive in the situation, but rather allowed my weapon of thanks to be weaker than the enemies weapon.

Self-Pity is one of the devil’s favorite weapons to use. And this week, I found myself at times waving the white flag of surrender to it. Self-Pity does not play favorites. Everyone is invited to its party. While there, you can hang out with some of the most popular guests there: “No One Cares About Me, I Can Never Do Enough, No One Understands, I Am Just Not Good Enough, Everyone Else is Better, God has Forsaken Me, People Just Don’t Understand Me, Why Should I Even Care.” And, the invite list goes on and on and on.

If you go to this Pity-Party, your feelings and emotions will mis-lead you and mis-manage you (think about it…self-pity is one of the MOST EXAGGERATED emotions)! Your perceptions will be seen through a jaded lens and you WILL NOT fight with the right weapons, instead, you will retreat, draw back, isolate, hide, and eventually become INEFFECTIVE for yourself, your family, and most importantly for the purpose that God has for you.

Urban Dictionary says, “Self-Pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceuitucal narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.”

Self-Pity is a negative emotion and one that always makes you a VICTIM and not a VICTOR. It is not a friend, but rather a foe, who never allows you to deal with the adverse situation. If you party with pity, you will never defeat the enemy. You will always be subject to his control.

So, the next time you have an invitation to Pity’s party, tear it up and throw it away. DO NOT go there. Besides, the company is horrible, the atmosphere is icky, the music depresses, the food is stale and gross, and the party favors are not fun to play with.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Self-Pity didn’t win today.

2. I can control my thought life.

3. I say “No” to Pity’s Party.

4. I planned out the rest of the KidMotion sermon series for the year! Wowzeers~I have never been so busy and I have never been so far ahead. God is good.

5. Judah asked me to play “Jesus is Alive Right Now” so he could sing to it. He sang that song and did the motions! My preschool team is AMAZING. Preschoolers are the church right now too! Judah loves Jesus.

6. Miss Olivia, Pastor Marc and Talena’s daughter, hung out with me today in the KidMotion room. She is the sweetest little girl. She has a sensitive spirit to the Lord.

7. The people at Wacky World are awesome to work with. Bruce gave me an A+++++ on my homework assignment. I can’t believe I am going to get to work with this great group of creative genius.

8. People who can think outside the box.

9. Coordinating multiple busy schedules is frustrating. But, the Lord always provides insight and works it out. I think my calendar is set.

10. A meeting that usually takes two hours, only took one hour.

11. Open conversation that leads to solutions.

12. Gary built me the coolest boat out of a pallet board. I am talking about Paul’s shipwreck on Sunday and if you are going to have a cool shipwreck, you have to have a cool boat!

13. I found a craft that I had purchased in the summer, but didn’t use. The craft works perfectly for Sunday’s small groups!

14. Everything is ready to go for Sunday!

15. My car got a much needed check-up. This check-up included: new brakes, oil change, new roters, new brake pads, tires balanced, etc…

16. My family will be safe when traveling in my car and we had the money in savings to pay for that hefty expense.

17. I needed one more main ingredient for dinner, so Gary ran to the store. We have an awesome grocery store right down the street. I love convenient City life.

18. GOALS! Each year, we have to make both professional and personal goals to work towards accomplishment in the coming year. In January, I put on my personal goal sheet, “I want to spend more time in the kitchen cooking for my family.”

19. I spent time in the kitchen once again. I have a most beautiful kitchen.

20. I made a Chicken Tortilla Soup without a recipe and it was awesome. I also experimented with some new spices and they were great.

21. Judah ate some of the soup. I can’t believe he ate soup…

22. Family walk around the neighborhood.

23. Judah loves numbers. I hate numbers, so I am so glad that my son loves them. Everywhere we go, he calls out the numbers that he sees.

24. While walking the neighborhood, we stopped at EVERY mailbox so Judah could figure out the house number. It was super cute.

25. Judah and I had fun playing in the rice pool again. Play time is always a time to build relationship and make eternal investments.

26. Gary gave Judah his bath tonight.

27. I changed my thinking tonight.

28. The Lord knows my heart and my intent.


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