Selah~Day Nine

Today has been a long, GREAT day. I am sitting on my bed right now, with my Mac opened on my lap, listening to You Know Me by  Steffany Frizzell. After a full day of ministry, it takes me a while to wind down. Although tired, I am pretty amped. The lines in this song go like this, “You have been and You will be. You have seen and You will see…You know when I rise and when I fall. When I come or go, you see it all. You hung the stars and you moved the sea…still, you know me.” If those words didn’t just capture your heart, I encourage you to read them again.  The Creator of the Universe, the Maker of Mankind, the Was, the Is, and the One to Come…KNOWS ME. HE KNOWS ME. HE KNOWS ME. He hung the stars and He moved the sea and He knows me. He has memorized me. He knows every detail of my life.

My God is into details. He knows every part of me and He still loves me.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The Creator of all life knows me!

2. He is concerned about the details of my life.

3. He still loves me.

4. I love Him more each day.

5. My honey was off from the fire station today. Ministry with him by my side is awesome!

6. Judah was excited to go to church and wanted to show his “mends” his new shoes.

7. I love the way Judah says, “Friends.” He calls them his “Mends.” I could listen to that little boy talk all the time.

8. Wait, I do listen to Judah talk all the time. I love that!

9. We made it to church early today.

10. Two new, sweet ladies joined our check-in team. They started training today.

11. Pastor Ted’s weekly Sunday morning text to the pastoral team. He always offers encouragement, excitement, and enthusiasm for the day. He anticipates every service.

12. My mother-in-law bought all the tickets for the Mother/Daughter banquet. Huge help considering that I am never able to go downstairs to purchase them.

13. Zach, one of my core leaders, went to big church today. I am glad he got a break and that he missed us! He had fun at his Senior Prom last night.

14. Teenagers who love Jesus and can have fun at prom without participating in what the World deems as “fun.” Way to stand out from the crowd!

15. The book of PSALM.

16. Before I was even formed in my Mother’s Womb…HE KNEW ME!

17. Judah told me that the mailbox had a bow and arrow in it this morning. Although that isn’t completely accurate, I am so glad he is learning in Kids church!

18. Judah showed me how to fold my hands when I pray. He gave me step-by-step instructions.

19. 5 kids gave their heart to the Lord today in KidMotion.

20. Jose loved kids church so much that he asked to sign up to help for both the Sunday AM and Wednesday team. He was moved at the altar while praying for two boys today.

21. April joined our KidMotion team today! She was amazing during our small group time. Excited to get her plugged in.

22. Lorry Gail is still excited about our summer series, Off the Rails. Her role in this series has reignited a dream to write children’s curriculum. She started her new curriculum outline today.

23. The boys and girls loved their small group applications today. They got to build towers of idol worship, then knock them down like King Josiah. It was a great application and they loved it.

24. We finished our Power Up series today. It was super successful.

25. Stella is always willing to fill in the gap when there is a need. And, she is rock solid in teaching. She is an awesome leader. She really helped make a situation successful today.

26. My RE:MO student leadership team met today. We discussed freedom that comes from submitting to authority. It was a good lesson. I am still thinking about it. I am sure it will be talked about in a future blog:)

27. Got to be a friendly face to a new family at our church today. I love being a part of growing the kingdom of God.

28. Ended the night with a great meeting of Ranger leaders. The future is bright.




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