Selah~Day Fifty Nine

The last two weekends have been a blur. Time is truly precious and I am excited to slow down and enjoy it more.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Getting ready for church was super easy today.

2. Gary and my dad moved in our living room furniture this morning before church.

3. Judah woke up playing hide and seek.

4. Kidmin services went so smoothly today.

5. Shea did a great job on the Big Answer segment. It was her first time.

6. Today, I noticed a lot of growth in several kidmin leaders.

7. Growth.

8. Leadership with vision and purpose.

9. The kids loved the ice cream relay game.

10. You get to play games in kidz ministry.

11. We had a beautiful worship set this morning in KidMotion.

12. I stood next to two girls who had their hands lifted high the entire worship song. Everytime I see kids worship, I want to cry and sometimes I do.

13. Zach cleaned up the messy game and really helped Gary and I leave church sooner.

14.  Gary and I got a lot accomplished between church services.

15. We had our first home cooked meal at our house.

16. Crockpot.

17. We all set at the table together…even Judah. And, he ate 2 carrots.

18. Gary and I had a conversation about dreams.

19. The worship set for evening service was awesome.

20. The song “Take My Life” really ministered to me tonight.

21. I got to pray with my good friend, Danielle.

22. I received a sweet text from my friend, Janelle. She is such an encourager.

23. I got several compliments on my bright pink pants. They are a fun coral color. Even Grant liked them:)

24. Pastor Ted preached a lot of “tweetable” lines tonight. Good Word.

25. Super excited about the PM services in July. Love trying new things and thinking outside the box.

26. Change is becoming the new NORM!

27. Not really frustrated by the fact that my garage is covered in unpacked boxes. In the past, this would have really bothered me. The Lord has changed me greatly. Now, I know how to pace myself.

28. Sleep.


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