Selah~Day Ninety Five

My 28 Thanks:

1. When I walked out the door to leave for work, Judah yelled, “Wait Mommy.” Then, he ran and gave me another BIG hug and a kiss. That little boy has no idea what that means to my heart.

2. Judah loves getting to stay home all day with his daddy.

3. I got to work with two great Creative Genius’ today….Rony Renfrow and Tanner Herriott.

4. I interviewed 3 amazing people for our EXCITING new video at church.

5. Stories of Life-Change.

6. My friend, Debby, took a big step today and shared her story of life-change publicly. This was a brave act and I am honored that she would share it with me and others.

7. Someone’s story of life-change can radically change another person’s future.

8. Spent some time today hearing Becky Brock’s story. Thankful for her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and her willingness to share the broken places of her heart that Jesus radically restored!

9. Danielle and Rony shared their love story and it went viral! Almost 3,000 people around the World got to hear a portion of their love story.

10. Rony’s first wife, Jaimee, lived an amazing life completely sold out to her Lord. What an inspiring young woman. I am blessed to know her story even if our relationship is only through the words of a mutual friend.

11. Danielle has found her new awesome and I get to help her.

12. People finding their awesome, the place where they soar to new heights.

13. I cried a couple of times today. Personally, I think crying is a catharsis. It also lets me know that I am not completely desensitized to people, words, and actions. Sometimes we like to ignore emotions. I embrace them, I am not led by them. But, I embrace them. It keeps me real!

14. Today was much more productive than yesterday.

15. Pastor Marcia asked for my help on a task.

16. I was able to help Pastor Marc with a Fellowship One task.

17. Gary mowed our lawn and it looks amazing. I love that he loves to take care of things.

18. Good Stewards.

19. A former drug addict told me yesterday that he used to be a “hopeless dope addict, but now, he is a dopeless hope addict!” Wow!

20. I got a sweet text from my friend, Janelle, telling me that she loves my cute pony tail! She asked me to show her how to get the same look. I never thought I would be one to copy:)

21. I have a natural “bump it” in my hair! In college, my friends told me my hair was perfect for being a TV Evangelist wife.

22. Gary, Judah, and I had a great, restful evening at home tonight.

23. I got to help a young girl find a white dress for her honor star crowning.

24. My friend, Amy, always knows what to say. She has prayed for me all week.

25. Gary and I get to spend Friday and Saturday together. This only happens once every 6 weeks.

26. Sincere hearts.

27. People who do acts only known by God. They don’t care about getting the attention of others.

28. People who honor others.


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