Selah~Day 179

My 27 Thanks:

1. Pastor Ted always sends the team a text on Sunday morning to encourage and inspire us.

2. We had a great, smooth morning of ministry.

3. My leadership team was fully staffed today.

4. One of our beloved nursery leaders is out for a while after having knee surgery. We made several calls to staff her position. The ladies came through. We had 7 leaders in one nursery room. This never happens.

5. People willing to fill a need. I love GAP fillers.

6. People who are obedient and respond to vision.

7. Today is commitment Sunday. We get to commit to being a part of something BIGGER than ourselves.

8. I have two new leaders to my elementary team, Tim and Lan Downing. They are the sweetest of couples. They did great yesterday and left with smiling faces. I am so glad my team has fun.

9. I led the 2nd grade small group yesterday during break out. Usually, I lead the 6th grade leadership team, but thought it would be nice to switch it up. I am really thankful for my 2nd grade small group leaders. After my group, my throat hurt from talking so much! Ha Ha Ha

10. We had major computer issues at 10:15! I called Jameson and he was able to tap into my Mac from the Sanctuary Mac and fix the problem.

11. Technology.

12. My kids loved the ice cream sundae illustration I did for my message. They all wanted to eat it. The more toppings I piled on it, the more they wanted it. I thought it was disgusting.

13. I had a spontaneous conversation with a friend. In that conversation, I was able to encourage her with the promises of God and pray with her.

14. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed lunch at Outback with Bob, Debbie, and Brian.

15. The craft fair was a huge success yesterday.

16. The Women’s Ministry raised all the money for Positive Tomorrows. It is a great organization for kids.

17. I saw so much creativity on display.

18. I enjoyed watching the ladies have a great time together as well as showcasing their talent.

19.  Judah made a piece of pottery, with the help of Pam Walker, for the silent auction part of the craft fair. It was a darling piece and I had to win it.

20. I won it! And, the money went to a great cause.

21. Christmas Production practice went well.

22. We enjoyed lots of laughter.

23. Pastor Marc is a great help with blocking and stage acting. He is a nice add to the team.

24. Lorry Gail is feeling better and was back at practice. I love her creative insight.

25. We got home late and were all starved. Gary made me eggs. He makes the best eggs.

26. Judah and I shared a brief snuggle moment before bed.

27. Everyday is a new opportunity to give thanks!


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