Selah~Day 360

Wednesday, May 21

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary has a great job that he loves.
2. Mom Mom watched Judah for me today. He loves being at her house.
3. He got to play all day with Morgan and Abby.
4. God’s creation is so beautiful.
5. I spent some time just thanking God for his beautiful earth.
6. Car ride convo with God.
7. Dustin helped me send out an important email for Sports Camp.
8. Lori came up to work on the Preschool Summer Series. I love working with Lori. 
9. I put in a Full day of work and still had time for a brief power nap before Wednesday Night Kids Ministry. 
10. I got a Pizza discount for the Ranger boys pizza party. 
11. More people signed up to help me with sports camp.
12. Pastor Marc’s end to color wars was super successful and tons of fun. 
13. My friend, Lucy, confirmed today that she can house the rest of my athletes.
14. More kids signed up for Sports Camp-they are super pumped.
15. Judah and I ate Chinese food at Mom Mom’s and Pa Pa’s house before heading back to church.
16. Mom Mom and Pa Pa paid for it!
17. Our good friend, Tom Hoover, bought Judah a chocolate milk tonight from the coffee shop!
18. The boys got to stuff their faces at the Ranger’s pizza party.
19. Mr. Greg’s Ranger class needed to complete a service project, so they cleaned up all the pizza party mess.
20. Helpers!
21. Abby did a great job presenting the vision for Crossroads Jr. Academy to the Wednesday Night church crowd.
22. Christian Education and Preschool development.
23. Pastor Ted called to check on me and wanted to make sure I made it home safely.
24. Thoughtfulness.
25. Rest after a very long day!
26. I am never alone. Jesus is always with me.
27. The ability to pray in the Spirit!


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