Selah~Day Seven

Judah loves Orange Leaf. It is a frozen yogurt place in South OKC. Judah knows the direction to Orange Leaf and always comments when we get close. He would love it if we went there everyday! But, we keep it as a special treat. Orange Leaf helped us potty train Judah.

Because of his love for Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, I was shocked today when I asked Judah if he would rather have the skittles that were right in front of him or wait and get Orange Leaf later, and Judah quickly chose skittles. Gary and I both looked at each other in disbelief. Then, I realized how often we will chose that which gives us instant gratification instead of waiting for what is special to us.

Judah chose skittles not because he loves them more than Orange Leaf, but rather he wanted something sweet and he wanted it right then. Ironically, Judah ate 3 skittles and then told me he didn’t want anymore because they were, “Yucky!”

How often have we settled for less than God’s best for us only to realize that what we settled for is “Yucky?” If only we could learn to wait and be patient for that special prize that He has for us in His timing, we would divert from so many “yuckiness” in our lives.

This analogy can apply to so many things, like relationships, jobs, purchases, food selections, degree plans,  and so much more. I am going to search my heart and see where I might be settling for instant gratification instead of waiting for His perfect timing and His perfect will and His perfect prize. I want to make sure that I chose Orange Leaf instead of skittles. Where are you in your choices, Orange Leaf or Skittles?

My List of 28 Thanks:

1. That I realize I need to wait on the Lord.

2. That He has a perfect prize for me.

3. That He wants what is best for my life.

4. His plan is worth the wait.

5. God forgives me for choosing and tasting “Yucky.”

6. That patience can be learned.

7. Judah doesn’t like skittles. There is hope for his sweet tooth:)

8. Judah doesn’t like pop. He says it is, “hot!”

9. Judah would rather drink water.

10. I got to eat lunch at the Stuffed Olive today.

11. I got to eat with Gary and Judah.

12. Judah was fascinated with their “Christmas Light” decorations. His amazement with the lights made me laugh.

13. Judah and I played trains and T-Rex today. I was T-Rex and attacked the train. We had fun.

14. Our play made Judah belly laugh!

15. They are almost done with the trim in our new home.

16. Our fire place mantel looks amazing.

17. Judah and I took a mini walk down into the woods.

18. Gary is my best friend.

19. While playing trains today, Judah looked at me and said, “I bove you, mommy!”

20. I got to watch a romantic comedy today.

21. Rick Renner Sparkling Gem devotions.

22. Grilled steak and Sweet Potatoes for dinner.

23. Judah ate a sweet potato tonight! This is a miracle. His diet mostly consists of peach yogurt and strawberry milk.

24. Kelly and Sam Sweeten are okay after being involved in a head on collision tonight.

25. Our church family responds to needs quickly.

26. Our storm shelter is nicely decorated with side walk chalk courtesy of artsists, Mommy and Judah. Judah loves for me to draw fire trucks and doesn’t care that they can’t be identified as such.

27. My new lotion from Bath and Body works, Velvet Tuberose, smells amazing!

28. Thankful for my new friend, Danielle, who bought me the lotion for my birthday. It is her favorite fragrance and she wanted to share it with me. She is so thoughtful.


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