Selah~Day Eleven

Everyone has a story and they don’t always begin with “Once upon a time” and end with “Happily ever after!” As a former English teacher, I love  to read stories, I love to tell stories, and I love to hear stories. When I accepted the call to ministry over 6 years ago, I never imagined the stories that would be shared with me from outside the pages of a book. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to hear someone’s story. Every story is different too. The “chapters” of people’s lives are filled with laughter, loss, celebration, defeat, struggle, triumph, and the list goes on and on. Today, I pray that I am more aware of the fact that every one has a story. Lord, help me be sensitive to the needs of others and perceptive of their story. I find it rather ironic that I work at CROSSROADS church. I recently read several definitions of the word: Crossroads. One definition read, “a place where two things intersect and share their story there.” I love that definition.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Everyone has a story to tell.

2. I have a story to tell.

3. People trust me with their story.

4. I obeyed God’s will and accepted the call to ministry over 6 years ago.

5. Every grammar and writing class that I ever had to take in school. It makes writing easy today.

6. God knows our stories, every line.

7. I minister at Crossroads Church.

8. The name of my church.

9. The worship in staff chapel was awesome today.

10. We started a new teaching on the power of teams.

11. I get to serve on several teams.

12. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

13. Pastor Ted blessed me with a Charleston’s giftcard for submitting the winning slogan for an ad campaign. (After a brainstorming session, we ended up not using my slogan because we came up with an even better one. But, I still won out of the original submissions-just had to clarify.)

14. My friend shared some awesome news today about her future. After fasting and praying, the Lord really revealed direction to her.

15. She gets to share those details with me at the end of the month. I can’t wait.

16. My friend, Danielle, was super pumped about her sermon tonight for our Impact Young Adults team. A message entitled purity vs. virginity. It was going to make an Impact!

17. Alysha made Judah his very own ID badge to wear when he comes to the church. He felt so so so special.

18. Collaboration with Charlie-the graphic genius-he finalized all my summer series banners.

19. Worked with a new t-shirt company today. Our summer series and camp shirts are going to be OFF THE RAILS!

20. The twins got to go home today and see their mom and dad. They were starting to miss them badly!

21. My friend Debby is feeling better after a horrible sinus infection.

22. The trim work in my home is complete. Painting starts tomorrow.

23. We ate dinner outside tonight.

24. My friend, Pam, is going to do an amazing Paint piece for our Sunday AM service. She is so talented.

25. Today is the birthday of an old-school friend, Jahni Tapley! We were college roommates. She was going to be the English teacher and I was going to be the Lawyer. I became the English Teacher and she is now a lawyer. She is such a fun girl…Happy Birthday Jahni Suzanne Tapley.

26. Double Dip Turtle Fudge Sundae from braums…enough said.

27. God worked out another challenging situation today. It wasn’t a challenge after all.

28. Judah ate black beans and grilled chicken tonight. For this yogurt loving kid, huge success!


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