Selah~Day Nineteen

Have you ever been so busy that you didn’t even allow the Lord time to speak to you? I feel like I have been in this exact place for the last two days. Unfortunately, I have allowed my schedule to control me, instead of me controlling my schedule. When I allow my schedule to control me, my priorities get out of line. I think the enemy loves to keep us busy and tired. When we are busy and tired, we can easily become anxious, discouraged, and emotional. Thankfully, I quickly realize this state and work hard to get out of it and not stay there long. In these moments, I reflect upon the Word which reminds me to cast my cares on the Lord because He cares for me. The Word also tells me that the Lord directs the STEPS of a righteous man. He doesn’t expect me to jump leaps and bounds everyday, but rather walk it out in steps. I also know the the Lord is my portion, He is more than enough for me. He gives me just what I need each day. He is my stregth for today and my Hope for tomorrow.

If you just speak the WORD of GOD, you can talk yourself right OUT of anxiety, discouragement, and emotional moods.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I realize when I am too busy.

2. I am understand how important it is to hear from the Lord.

3. I can decide to take control of my schedule.

4. When I was young, my mom taught me how to pray using scripture.

5. I can recall several power verses when I am praying.

6. The Lord is my portion. He is more than enough for me.

7. He directs my steps.

8. He is my Hope for an even better tomorrow.

9. I didn’t sleep well at all last night. But, I still had an unusual energy for a very busy, taxing day. The Lord is more than enough!

10. I was able to have lunch with a good friend today. It had been a lunch on hold for almost a month!

11. Although it rained again on a Wednesday night, we didn’t get any severe weather.

12. Judah gave me an awesome kiss and a hug when I was getting ready to leave for work this morning. Then, with a really cute grin on his face he says, “Mommy, I gonna wash them off when you leave.” He is such a cute kid:)

13. I can breathe out of my nose today.

14. The IRS is being investigated for targeting conservative non-profit groups. I hope every evil motive is exposed.

15. Gosnell- GUILTY of first degree murder.

16. Tonight’s kidz service went really well.

17. Brandon, my co-worker, played a REALLY funny joke on me today. I totally fell for it. It was a good one.

18. I just saw a post from my friend, Dori. Her husband is out of surgery and doing well!

19. Mr. Matt helped me out tonight in a Ranger class. He is such a good teacher.

20. The boys learned an awesome lesson on trust. They recalled so well during the debriefing.

21. I have many people in my life that I can truly trust. Some who I would even trust with my life.

22. I had a great conversation with Maxton today. He is such a good young man, who loves the Lord. He gave me some good insight into Kidz Ministry from a kids perspective.

23. I processed 3 more people to serve in kids ministry.

24. For two weeks in a row, the girls have one the game competition. This never happens. It is a great boost to their morale.

25. Every day brings me closer to the day I move into my new home.

26. I will have a special place in my new home to write and reflect.

27. Judah and Gary are healthy and happy.

28. Gary made me the sweetest and most thoughtful gift that I have ever received. He spent hours creating a photo collage book of Judah’s first 3 years of life. He wrote all the captions and the words reflect prayers that I have prayed over Judah and statements that I have made! It just came in the mail tonight! So blessed.


Good Night.




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