Keeping it simple tonight. God is a good God and every good thing comes from Him.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah woke in a great mood.

2. He immediately asked me to build him a tent in the game room. He remembered that part of the story from the night before.

3. We made a tent and played for a few minutes before I had to get ready and go to work.

4. Gary made me breakfast.

5. We sang 10,000 reasons in staff chapel today.

6. Learned some  great lessons on High Performance Team building today.

7. Gary made the preschool puppet stage much more useable.

8. We started on the new set design for the KidMotion summer series.

9. Even though it was quick, I got to leave church for lunch today.

10. Several people commented on my cute dress. It was 2-toned blue stripped dress and I added a yellow cardigan. I like to call it my Dori costume.

11. My friend, Terry, found out today that he won’t need a 2nd knee surgery.

12. Heard several praise reports in staff chapel today.

13. Miss JaQuisha saved Judah a sprinkled donut today. So thankful that Judah has people in his life that love him so muhc.

14. Mrs. Mindy and Miss JaQuisha are doing amazing things with our staff childcare kids.

15. Found favor with our summer camp. They gave me some additional discounts today.

16. Ordered everything we will need for our Summer series, Off the Rails.

17. After 5 different paint samples, I think I have decided on my master bedroom color.

18. Met our new neighbors tonight. They are going to be awesome.

19. Have a lovely, take-out Chinese, dinner outside tonight.

20. I was able to speak life into a person’s life tonight.

21. Judah went to bed by himself tonight.

22. Judah got to help Mom-Mom in the garden again. He had so much fun helping her plant.

23. Starting to mentally plan time off. More than one-day time off!

24. Even though my nose is completely stopped up, I can still taste food.

25. Overheard Pastor Marcia telling her “diabetes diagnosis” testimony to someone today. Afterwards, she told me and Dorothy, “I don’t ever want to miss telling someone how good my God is to me.

26. Dori’s husband, Danny, has great peace about his 2nd bypass surgery. We are believing with him that it is going to be alright!

27. Pastor Elias helped me carry some extremely heavy boxes today.

28. Great, deep, uninterrupted conversation about the future with my husband tonight. That is a rarity anymore.




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