Selah~Day Twenty One

My 28 Thanks:

1. God is with me in the clear and the cloudy.

2. God is with me in the sunshine and the storm.

3. God is _______________. Whatever I need when I need it.

4. I woke up to Judah bringing me a book to read to him this morning.

5. It was a picture book of Judah and me. He loves to see the pictures of us together and for me to read the captions.

6. Today was Abby’s birthday. She is my two year old neice. She calls me Laura (which is her mother’s name) and calls Gary, Gee. She really likes Gary. Abby is a happy little girl and always has a smile on her face.

7. Abby loved the Superman PJs we got her. We also got her a cute summer dress. She threw the dress to the side and immediately put on the Superman PJs.

8. My sis-in-law, Meghan, called us early this morning and invited us to go to Jump Zone and to lunch.

9. I love unexpected hang-outs with the family. It was so nice to visit with Meg and to let the boys play together.

10. Judah had a great time. He was covered in sweat.

11. Gas prices are so high, but I am still able to fill up to a full tank.

12. Judah fell asleep this afternoon and Gary and I really needed to run some errands. So, my mom-in-law let us leave him with her while we ran errands. I am really going to miss this feature of living with the in-laws.

13. But, they are starting to paint my house now! I am so excited to move in.

14. Meghan finally got to see my house today and she loves it. She has a great sense of style and so her opinion matters:)

15. She helped me settle on paint colors.

16. Judah slipped and fell in the mud. He was covered. But, instead of getting frustrated, we all had a great laugh. Judah thought it was really funny. What little boy doesn’t like being covered in mud!

17. I got the cutest dress at Target today and it was on sale.

18. All kinds of birds have been visiting my in-laws home. From hawks to orioles to hummingbirds to woodpeckers and more, we have seen them frequent my mom-in-laws feeder. She grabs a camera and a bird book and gets so excited. My husband is in on the fun too. I love watching them watch the birds.

19. I love when people find beauty in God’s creation. He made it for us to enjoy.

20. We had dinner with some strangers tonight. They are now friends.

21. Our waiter at Saltgrass was awesome.

22. We got to invite him to church and he just might come.

23. Even though I had one amazing meal, I didn’t over eat!

24. Laura let Judah stay at her house tonight so he wouldn’t miss out on Abby’s birthday party because Gary and I had prior commitments.

25. Laura had Judah completely ready for bed when we picked him up.

26. Some very promising things happened today that could affect the future in a great way!

27. Got word from a good friend today that she and her family may be moving closer…like driving distance closer. I would love that. I have missed this couple so so so much! They are soul tie friends!

28. Even though the weather was gloomy and yucky today, my attitude wasn’t! I can choose my attitude and I choose joy! It was a great day.


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