Selah~Day Twenty Two

I heard this question asked of someone tonight, “What are you passionate about? What drives you?” It wasn’t asked of me, so I didn’t answer it at the time, but I thought I would take a few minutes and answer it now. I think it is important to ask ourselves often what drives us or what we are passionate about.

Life change drives me. My husband and my son drive me. I am passionate about being the best wife to Gary and the best mom to Judah. I am passionate about people discovering their purpose in life and then walking in that purpose with all of their heart. I am passionate about people realizing who they are in their Creator and walking that identity out with confidence and joy. I am passionate about young people realizing that there is more to this life than what is right before them in the now. I love when they realize that immediate gratification is fleeting, but to hold out for what is best is eternal. I am passionate about ministering to kids. I truly believe that there can be a generation of young people who grow up and say, “All I have ever known is JESUS!”

My 28 Thanks:

1. I was able to spend the morning resting at home. We didn’t have any early morning plans.

2. All laundry is caught up and put away.

3. I had a wonderful conversation today with a friend that I had lost contact with for the past few years.

4. I was able to give her an encouraging word.

5. She has no idea that her strength through storms, spirit of perseverance, and commitment to love, really really ministered to me too today!

6. Her mess will be a phenomenal MESSAGE!

7. I am passionate. I hate apathy and mediocrity.

8. I want to do something with my life that makes a difference.

9. I want to become a better wife and mom. I don’t want to always stay where I am, but I want to grow.

10. Picked out more paint today at the paint store. Now, the guys know us by name.

11. We picked out a blue and an orange color for Judah’s room. He got to help paint the samples and loved it.

12. My in-laws took a longer motorcycle ride today. They returned home safe and sound and dry.

13. Judah got to play with Madi and Molly today.

14. He had a blast trying to squirt them with water. I love to hear him laugh.

15. Gary and I tried a new restaurant today…Iron Star Urban BBQ…it was really good.

16. After dinner, we went to Kaisers downtown. It was AWESOME. We will definitely go again.

17. They made a mistake with Gary’s ice cream flavor. So, instead of throwing it away they just put an additional 3rd scoop on his cone. He was in heaven!

18. Gary ate every bit of his enormous cone and he won’t gain a pound!

19. We got to eat at Kaisers with our amazing lead Pastors, Ted and Tami. They can make any experience over the top! Pastor Tami likes ice cream as much as Gary. They share a love for Bluebell Homemade Vanilla.

20. KidMotion is set and ready to go for an awesome May 19th service. Kids are going to understand that Obedience brings God’s Protection.

21. The new KidMotion set design looks awesome.

22. It doesn’t look like we are going to get any tornado activity tonight!

23. My rose moss has taken off. It looks beautiful.

24. Judah is going to share mine and Gary’s love for flowers and gardening.

25. One of my many many many superstar leaders, Mrs. Jen, is filling in for Mrs. Shannon so she doesn’t miss her son’s graduation service tomorrow morning.

26. I have awesome people on my team who ALWAYS help one another out.

27. Zach referred to me as the general tonight! I am thankful that he finally realizes my position. Ha Ha Ha

28. Thankful for today, but excited for tomorrow.


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