Selah~Day Twenty Three

Crazy Oklahoma weather makes me anxious. Tonight, we were surrounded by wall clouds, circulation, sirens sounds, hail, and animated weather men. I had to get a hold of myself today. Even though it is really important to use wisdom, it is also important to not allow fear and anxiety to control you. As I sit to reflect on the day, it has become clear to me that I often have to battle anxiety when I am put in situations that I can’t control. It is during those times that the Lord wants me to run to Him and find rest. He wants me to run to Him and find shelter. He wants me to run to Him and find peace.

I will find rest in the shelter of the most High God for He alone is my refuge and my place of safety. He is my God and I DO TRUST HIM.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The Lord is my shelter. My place of safety.

2. I don’t have to be afraid when I am NOT in control.

3. I can trust the Lord.

4. The storms went all around us.

5. Our car was not damaged in the multiple hail storms today.

6. Church was awesome in the AM and PM today.

7. We had an awesome lesson about obedience this morning.

8. Obedience Brings God’s Protection

9. Kids responded to the altar for salvation and to have a more obedient heart.

10. Many youth were celebrated in the graduation service today. Yea…MR. Zach and MR. Aaron. We are proud of you two awesome men of God.

11. Our church hosted the Baccalaureate service for Moore Schools. Glad we can be a blessing to our community.

12. Dr. Mark Rutland spoke for both the Baccalaureate service and for our Sunday PM Celebrate Pentecost service.

13. Today is the birthday celebration of Pentecost…the birthing of the church.

14. The fire of God.

15. The Holy Spirit.

16. The living, acting, healing, helping, comforting…move of the Holy Spirit.

17. LOTS of people responded to the Altar call today.

18. My schedule was FULL today and I made every appointment and on time.

19. I got to shake Dr. Mark Rutland’s hand and thank him for coming to Crossroads. He is a brilliant man who is used big time by God. I am so “jealous” of his Biblical knowledge. It really challenges me to learn more, read more, study more…

20. So far, I have not heard of any casualties from the multiple tornados that hit the Metro today.

21. Had a nice lunch with some of the KidMin team.

22. Cherryl watched Judah and Morgan and Abby for us today so I could go to the funeral with Gary. Cherryl is such a sweet blessing to our family. She has such a servant’s heart.

23. There are so many teenagers in my life who have such servant’s hearts. They love to serve and help others.

24. So thankful that I am with my baby boy tonight. It has been a really busy weekend and I have missed him.

25. Even though I missed the first 30 minutes, I got to sit through the entire preaching of the Word tonight in service.

26. The book of Acts.

27. The Pastor who ministered at Jayme’s funeral spoke a sweet message of Hope today. The Lord is our Hope and Hope is truly all one needs.

28. We ministered to 8 new families today in Kidz Ministry. Growth is the Will of God.


One thought on “Selah~Day Twenty Three

  1. Kara, I really enjoy reading your blog. Your list of thanks reminds me to make my own. It allows me to think of my many blessings. So thank you!! Like always you have served as great inspiration to me. Love ya!!!

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