Selah~Day Twenty Six

I came home at 6:00 tonight. Today, my body is telling me that it better get some rest. I can’t imagine the impact this event has on those who actually lost everything. The load is so heavy, but together we can carry it. Through it all, I can still find reasons to Praise my Lord.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah was able to stay home with his daddy today. I am so thankful he had some normal routines today.

2. The rain and storms finally cleared out late this morning.

3. We were able to send in 10 teams to the hardest hit areas.

4. Teams from Church of the Harvest in Edmond, Peoples Church in OKC and Midwest City, New Journey in Sapulpa, Guts from Tulsa, and a host of others joined our efforts today.

5. The sun came out and the weather was nice today.

6. We had little difficulty getting into areas that needed great need.

7. More and more people are getting their electricity and water turned back on.

8. Aid continues to pour in from around the nation.

9. Gary took care of our personal life today.

10. He washed our bedding.

11. He went grocery shopping.

12. He cooked a wonderful homemade chicken pot pie.

13. We have some amazing volunteers working as the first impressions of our operation.

14. Pam Walker-she is a delight to everyone who meets her.

15. Danielle Renfrow-she make everyone smile and has a contagious laugh.

16. Heather Draper-loves people and is always willing to serve others.

17. Kids were able to go to their schools today and get their belongings and say goodbye to their teachers.

18. Teachers are heroes. So many stories are pouring in about the teachers who covered the kids with their bodies and covered them with their prayers.

19. Kids sent the teachers lots of thank you notes today.

20. Ava told Allison this morning that her friend, Emily, didn’t survive the tornado. Allison responded, “That’s okay mommy. Emily is with Jesus and He has built her a more awesomer home!” Wow…I want to be able to respond like my sweet Allison.

21. Donations of ICE have been a huge help. Cold drinks are so appreciated when you are cleaning up wreckage.

22. We were able to meet for a short time today as a staff team and plan a really nice service for Sunday in honor of both our veterans and torando victims.

23. Someone told Pastor Ted today that we are the most helpful, organized Disaster Relief Team in the Metro.

24. Teamwork.

25. Everyone has a great, helpful attitude.

26. My father-in-law surprised my mom-in-law with a brand new camera for an early birthday present. She has been taking pictures all evening. She was so surprised and excited.

27. I found out tonight that my dad will be receiving one of the top awards in his career tnext Friday. Super proud of my dad. He is one dedicated, hard working man.

28. Today is the 31st birthday of my brother Kyle. I am so proud to be his big sister. When I called him today to wish him a happy birthday, he was busy playing with his brand new pet, a giant MULE! Yes, that is right. My brother bought a mule. He is a chiropractor by day and a Jeremiah Johnson wanna be by night. He is a wonderful man, a great dad, and I am glad he is my brother.



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