Selah~Day Twenty Seven

Bodies are weary, but spirits are high and hopeful. I took a walk this morning and was very aware of my lush surroundings. I know that the surroundings just a mile or two away from me are not the same.  I have so many things to be thankful for today.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I was able to rest some today.

2. I got to take a walk this morning by myself.

3. I got the chance to share my heart with the Lord.

4. He cares about my heart.

5. My street has green grass.

6. Our mailbox is still standing.

7. Our trees are lush and green and growing.

8. The landscaping is still in tact around the house.

9. My garden is still growing.

10. My plants are still in their pots.

11. All of our vehicles are safe in the driveway.

12. I saw my family for a time today.

13. We were able to eat dinner together.

14. Judah had a blast playing in the pool with his cousins. He was turning shades of pink and blue, but didn’t care. He loved jumping into the pool.

15. We celebrated my brother’s birthday with an amazing ice cream cake. And, I only tasted the cake…didn’t eat a whole piece.

16. I don’t have much of an apetite right now.

17. A group of people helped the Fields family clean up today.

18. A group of people helped the Hatton family clean up today.

19. A group of people helped Mary Friday clean up today.

20. My friend, Anita, called and told me…”Kara, you would not believe the clean up progress that has taken place since Tuesday morning.” She then went on to say how incredibly generous everyone has been to her family.

21. My parents drove in to the City from Durant, Ok today. They told me they passed a caravan of people from Texas who were coming to help with cleanup efforts. All their vehicles had “Texas loves Oklahoma” on their car windows. I cried when I heard that story.

22. We are Oklahoma Strong.

23. Our roof is strong and there is no damage to it at all.

24. Our house is on its foundation.

25. I have a house.

26. Purchased all the ice cream for KidMotion and Training Wheels tomorrow. We are going to have a big party. It has been said that you can’t cry when eating ice cream. So, we are going to eat ice cream and share our stories tomorrow morning. I am also thankful that I was able to purchase all 200 cups of ice cream at Crest. I didn’t have to go to multiple stores.

27. So Proud of the 2013 Grads! Zach, Aaron, Zak, Morgan, and the list goes on.

28. My kids ministry intern, Zach, graduated today. He only spent one year at Southmoore High School. His family moved to OKC last year, his senior year, when his Dad took the position of our Senior Pastor. Zach didn’t complain or fight against the decision to move his last year of high school, but rather, he embraced the move with an open heart and mind. Throughout this year, he has made friends, made memories, and served others. He quickly became a part of this Moore community and a Southmoore Sabercat GRADUATE! Congrats Zach~the Hendricksons love you and are proud of your accomplishments.


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