Selah~Day Thirty One


My 28 Thanks:

1. The Oklahoma Sky can not be beat. The sky was beautiful tonight.

2. I got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful breeze and the lovely shades of the sky tonight.

3. I got to watch Judah play in the water with his cousins.

4. Morgan and Judah listened to me tell another bunny F0o Foo story outside on the grass under the tree.

5. Then, they looked for bunny Foo Foo and Thumper for several minutes. It was so cute to watch them walk around the yard yelling for them.

6. We had a nice visit with Laura and Robert tonight.

7. I got to come home from work a little early today and enjoy more of the evening with my family.

8. Judah has such a fun imagination. Just today he has escaped from lava, saved a train from a river of crocodiles, and ran from fire in the play room.

9. I love bright green lawns. Everyone on our street has nice lawns.

10. My mother-in-law is having a nice visit with one of her sisters. They even went to the Outlet Mall today (Big Outing for my MIL).

11. Quick, but semi healthy, meals like peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches really save time and money. Glad I had one today and didn’t miss lunch or time devoted to work.

12. I was a part of a successful Creative Team meeting today. Father’s Day is planned!

13. The lady at Knob Hill was really helpful. There were so so so many choices, but she helped us pick out our package within 30 minutes.

14. My friends, Rony and Danielle, got to get away for a mini vacay today.

15. Once again, the storms were not as bad as they could have been.

16. When the tornado sirens went off again today, I didn’t get scared.

17. My husband makes me feel really safe.

18. I had a fun texting chat with my friend, Angela. So glad that she is feeling better today!

19. Tonight, I am thinking about all my life long friends. So thankful for the impact they have made on my life. Even though time and distance has separated us, our memories and times spent together keep us close. When we do get to talk, we can just pick up right where we left off and it is as if no time was lost! I am thankful for Kristi, Jahni, Jenny, Valarie, Lindsay, and a host of others.

20. My sweet honey marinated a piece of chicken for me tonight and grilled it for me. He did this on his own accord. He told me, “I made you a chicken breast because I knew you wouldn’t want to eat frito chili pie.” So sweet and thoughtful.

21. Then, he drove to 7-11 and got a root beer for us to share with our popcorn.

22. My dishwasher.

23. My husband loves Judah and I with all his heart. He tells us and shows us too all the time.

24. Judah has started singing songs all the time. I love to hear him sing a song…I especially love when he messes up the words.

25. Excited to have Skyler Coles on our Creative team. I am looking forward to the insight he will bring to the table.

26. June KidMin calendars are done!

27. Off the Rails t-shirts are ordered.

28. God is so good to me.




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