Selah~Day Thirty Two

I never thought tornado outbreaks would be a reason that I could not write my blog. However, that is exactly what has put me behind two nights in recording my daily logs to 10,000 reasons! Thankfully, I never lost power. We only lost cable and internet services. Tonight, some are still without power. I saw so many “pony tail” hairdos today. There was an understanding amongst the ladies  and we all knew that a pony tail =”I have no power hairdo!” Without power, one must make so many adjustments. You can’t cook, clean, shower in hot water, fix your hair, see to dig through your closet or dresser, watch TV, listen to music, or charge your technology devices!!!! The lack of power makes one really aware of how dependent they are on the source.

While thinking about the power outages, I realize there are great similarities with a “power outage” within your spirit man. Personally, I have experienced times of Blackout. My energy is zapped, my emotions are in control, and I feel like I can’t see because everything is too dark. You have to constantly stay plugged into the power source. The Holy Spirit can fix a blackout quicker than even OG&E. The Holy Spirit is my power, my source, my advocate, my helper, my comforter…He keeps me energized, well lit, and cooking on all burners. Thank God for the Holy Ghost!


My 28 Thanks:

1. Electricity.

2. The Power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Because of the Holy Spirit, we are promised to do even greater things.

4. We never lost electricity during the recent storms.

5. The Lord rescued my husband in the early hours of Saturday morning. He was on a swift water rescue and he and two other firemen were ejected from their boat when it capsized. Thankfully, they were all able to cling to trees until they were rescued. The trees they clung to were thorn trees. But, who cares, the trees were there!

6. The firemen then went and rescued the guy who was trapped on top of his car in the water.

7. First responders.

8. My husband knows to cry out to God. The Lord heard his cry and answered him. He drew him out of the depths of the water.

9. The Righteous suffer many afflictions, but the Lord delivers them from them ALL.

10. Besides scratches from the thorns, Mark and Josh are safe too.

11. My husband and his rescue team are well trained.

12. None of the trees in our yard were affected by the multiple tornados.

13. We were able to fit 15 people into our cellar.

14. Protection.

15. Wisdom.

16. Tornado sirens.

17. Andvancements in weather technology and weather reporters.

18. OG&E. They have been working so hard!

19. I love my new small group kids. We had fun discussion today.

20. My KidMin team, from Babies to Preschool to Elementary to Check-in, ROCKS! I love serving with such awesome men, women, and teenagers.

21. We had an awesome lunch at Qdoba. We ate on the patio because it was such a beautiful day.

22. There wasn’t a SINGLE storm cloud in the sky today.

23. My friend, Debby, who had some damage to her home during the May 20th tornado is getting NEW CARPET tomorrow morning.

24. The month of May is OVER.

25. Pastor Ted and his family made it back safe to OKC after a quick trip to Nebraska to see a wedding.

26. Our church is a safe place for the community.

27. Our fence is still standing.

28. Pastor Tim preached his final message as the Youth Pastor at Crossroads Church tonight. It was his best message too! I am going to miss the Earnhardt family. We served together through some difficult times. We also had some great times together. They are full of life, faith, integrity, passion, and the Holy Ghost. Excited to see what the Lord does in their life. Now that Tim is leaving, will I officially be the worst singer on staff? No, I think Brandon now gets that spot!!!!



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