Selah~Day Fifty Seven

There is no place like home! Home is not just a place, but also togetherness. When I am with Gary and Judah, I am at home.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Camp Wow load up went really well.

2. We cleaned the cabins, packed the suitcases, and loaded in record time.

3. My leadership team took charge of the “barking orders” job for getting kids to clean.

4. We discovered a new route home that took about 45 minutes off of our drive time.

5. We all made it home safely.

6. We made it home really early.

7. Judah smiled the biggest smile when our eyes met today.

8. Judah has given me spontaneous hugs all day long.

9. I can tell that Asher had influence on Judah the last 3 days. And, I love it. Judah is talking so much more, dressing up as a cowboy, and singing his ABCs. I think he might have to go over to Camp Asher’s more often.

10. Gary and I worked on moving in more furniture into our home today. We know have a place to sit and eat.

11. All kids camp laundry is DONE and put away.

12. Clean Shower.

13. My leaders loved camp and I am so glad for the time I had with them.

14. Everyone gets to sleep in their own bed tonight.

15. Pastor Clayton, our guest camp speaker, taught us so many new games.

16. Pastor Clayton and family have told us multiple times how much they enjoyed camp. His kids talked about all the way home today.

17. Camp Wow asked us to join them for Community Camp again.

18. Crossroads Leaders got to minister to not only our kids, but also kids in rural communities.

19. Debbie, Autumn, Gary, and Stella did an amazing job leading kids worship.

20. Gary, Judah, and I had a fun night playing with sparklers.

21. We also played chase in the yard and played in the sand.

22. My mother-in-law made it home safely from a wonderful visit with her baby girl, Kelli.

23. When I walk through my house barefoot, I don’t have to be on the lookout for spiders, tarantulas, and scorpions.

24. I didn’t have to address one issue of drama or conflict this entire kids camp.

25. Quiet Time.

26. Gary stopped the car momentarily today in the car wash parking lot so we could finish cleaning a few inside items. Judah said, “Mommy, Daddy, let’s hold hands.” We said okay and then once we all had each other hands we asked Judah, “Now what?” Judah then replied and said, “I want to pray for Nonna!” My son loves to pray and he loves to pray for others. He also thinks you can’t pray unless you are holding hands…HE HAS MY HEART!

27. My bed.

28. My family is all under the same roof tonight.


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