Selah~Day Fifty Six

Camp WOW day One was a huge success.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Camp registration took a total of 120 SECONDS!

2. We all arrived to camp safely.

3. The weather is out of this world wonderful.

4. Our camp speaker arrived safely.

5. The kids found a turantula right away. It provided great entertainment.

6. Mr. Bob ate a grasshopper. He always knows how to make the kids have a good time and usually at his expense.

7. Kymauni, Tashon, and Maxton rode in the car with Gary and me to camp. We had a great time getting to know those awesome young men.

8. I have the most amazing leadership team. Many took off a week of vacation, left families, found childcare, or sacrificed something else to invest in my kids this week. They are super heroes!

9. Debbie Thomas.

10. Stella Cox.

11. Angela Lewis.

12. Deborah Fulton.

13. Lorry Gail Cieri.

14. Jamie Crawford.

15. Rochelle Sims.

16. Bob Thomas.

17. Alex Eddens.

18. Zach Miller.

19. Valarie and Max Simmons.

20. Bryce Hatton.

21. Autumn Outon.

22. Sarah Kiper.

23. I am surrounded by people who make me laugh.

24. An amazing salad bar.

25. Camp Wow staff is incredible.

26. Late Night Snacks.

27. The Golf Cart.

28. Friendships.


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