Selah~Day Sixty One

For some odd reason, I couldn’t connect to the internet in my home last night. Crazy, I know! Even more crazy is the fact that my blog is tied to it. But, I still thanked the Lord. Today has been a great day. It is Vacation Eve for me and my family today. I have felt as giddy as a girl on Christmas Eve. I am so excited about a restful break.

In my morning devotions, I re-read a passage out of 1 Samuel 10. I have meditated on this passage a lot lately. Samuel was about to present Saul to Israel as their new King and they couldn’t find Saul…Why? Where was he? Scripture tells us that he was hiding among the baggage. To insecure to accept the destiny God had for him, he ran and hid himself. More thoughts on this in the days ahead…

My 28 Thanks:

1. Divine Appointments.

2. Things that are worth the wait.

3. The woman at the well had a divine appointment with Jesus on a hot afternoon.

4. Powerful women in the Bible.

5. Morning Quiet Time.

6. Danielle Heart Attacked my office door. It was the first thing I experienced when I arrived at work. It made me smile all day.

7. Kind, Thoughtful, Insightful, Encouraging words.

8. Danielle and Rony shared their creativity with me.

9. Holly came to my house for 1 hour and made it look beautiful.

10. Cherryl Hodges is an amazing teenager who loves Jesus. She has been spending some time with us and we love her company.

11. Judah gave all of us check-ups today. Dr. Judah declared us all healthy.

12. Had an awesome lunch with Starla. She shared her story with me.

13. Everyone has a story to share.

14. JaQuisha really helped me out of a pinch today. She is always available to help out. Love her heart.

15. Brooklyn and Brittney helped me make 120 goodie bags today. They were awesome help and saved me about 2 hours of work.

16. Everytime my little friend Madison saw me today, she made me give her a hug and a kiss. She loves me.

17. I got to come home for lunch today.

18. I can almost park my car in the garage…almost.

19. Rock My World…it is a GREAT song and my kidmotion kids sing it with so much passion and energy everytime. They never get tired of it and I know it touches the heart of God.

20 Duck Dynasty helps relax my mind on a Wednesday night.

21. Deep, big bath tub.

22. My little friend, Peyton, wanted to stay the night with me tonight. The first time she stayed the night she was about 4…now she is turning 12 this year! Where does the time go?

23. Judah gets so excited when we have people over.

24. Judah now uses amazing hand gestures when he talks. His communication has become so expressive…he is like his momma!

25. Funny conversations in the car.

26. Rochelle made me laugh today. And, she made me blush. And, it was all through email.

27. I have an amazing team of friends and leaders who make vacation super easy to take. I know that my kids will not even know that Gary and I are gone because our team won’t miss a beat.

28. It’s Vacation Eve!!!!!


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