Selah~Day Sixty Two

Our vacation has begun. Thankful for rest.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Vacation.

2. Uninterrupted, fun time with my sweet little Judah. We have days of play awaiting us.

3. An escape from technology…at least the parts that I want to escape from.

4. I was able to finish all job related tasks and leave work today at 12:30.

5. After a 45 minute ordeal at the Post Office, I mailed 50 filtration straws to Rwanda, Africa. Our kids raised all the money for the straws. Super excited to get to play a part in giving Africa clean water.

6. Missionaries Gary and Shirley Bohanon will be so excited. Thankful for their work.

7. The lady who helped me at the Post Office, Martha was her name, was so sweet. She told me about her love of the piano and the organ.

8. Kind customer service.

9. Helpful people.

10. I got a HUGE discount on some brand new chairs for kidz ministry.

11. Brandon will be proud of me.

12. I didn’t have to beg, they just gave it to me. Thank God…I HATE working deals!

13. Creative Meeting finalized 10,000 reasons service on Sunday night. It will be awesome.

14. Dr. Shirley fixed my tooth today. My mouth is free of jagged cement. And, I may not have to replace my retainer after all.

15. I got a new haircut. April always knows how to make me look younger, fresher, and fun. She is amazing.

16. Gary got me lunch while I was getting my hair done. He is so sweet to me.

17. Ava and Lori both responded to a new family email today. It really helped me out since I will be gone on Sunday. They are so sweet and helpful. They are amazing leaders.

18. A new family is checking out Crossroads on Sunday and they are so excited to bring their kids!

19. Charlie shared his T-Rex Tries book with me. I laughed a lot. I have to get that book!

20. Laura made is safely through her surgery and I know the best is yet to come in her life.

21. Scout is back home with us. All night, Judah has referred to our dog as, “my brother, Scout.”

22. My brother and his family are enjoying a nice getaway in San Antonio.

23. My house is looking more and more like a home.

24. The Stimsons came over for dinner and decorating.

25. Holly looks at something and makes it beautiful. What I see as work, she sees as fun. I love watching her create beauty from a pile of stuff!

26. Spray paint can change the look of everything.

27. I have 8 days of plans with my two most favorite boys in the whole world.

28. Jesus loves me…this I know!



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