Selah~Day Eighty One

My Thursday was much better than my Wednesday. Each day and with each experience, I learn that my perspective controls everything: my attitude, my actions, my emotions. So, if you are having a difficult day, you should look at how you are “looking” at things. A quick shift in your perspective can make things so much better.

Case in point~A friend of mine was having a very tough few days. She was upset with herself because of a few disappointments. She emailed me and told me that she decided to quit thinking about herself and instead do a few things to bless other people. When she followed through with these acts of kindness, her perspective changed. And, things got a lot better.

I have heard Joyce Meyer say before that the best cure for depression and anxiety is to stop thinking about yourself. Instead, think about others and how you can invest in making their lives better.

Perspective changes everything…even your reality!

My 28 Thanks:

1. Gary came home from the station rested.

2. Gary had coffee with a new friend.

3. He was so encouraged by the coffee date.

4. Judah loves to snuggle with me in the mornings.

5. Perspective adjustments change everything.

6. I changed my perspective.

7. Gary helped me setup for the Back 2 School Fuel services.

8. A church from Edmond is going to join us for our Saturday night Back 2 School Fuel service.

9. Christmas Creative meeting. I love creating.

10. We did a story board for Pastor Ted’s sermon series, T.G.I.M.

11. I love working on the Creative Team.

12. Gary brought me lunch since the meeting went 3 hours.

13. My friend, Laura, got a super short, super cute haircut. This was a big step for her and I am so proud.

14. Got an awesome text from a friend. God is doing some great things in her life.

15. Hope is never lost.

16. My friend, Leslie, said the sweetest words of encouragement to me. She told me she loved to see my worship and compared me to Kim Walker-Smith…yes, can you believe it!!!!!!!!!

17. My co-workers are so life-giving.

18. Brandon went home from work at a normal time. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS HAPPEN BEFORE EVER!!!!

19. Danielle helped me fill out my birthday cards.

20. Spontaneous game of family hide and seek.

21. Early evening chat with Gary’s parents. They are such great people.

22. We took a walk around our neighborhood.

23. We met two new families in our new neighborhood. I love my new neighborhood. The people are so friendly and helpful.

24. Twitter. I love reading twitter feeds of pastors, leaders, advisors, comedians…their quick wit and insight constantly activates my mind. Learning keeps my mind sharp.

25. The people who own China Delight on 119th and May are so sweet. I so appreciate great costumer service.

26. My husband always kisses me goodnight and says, “I love you.”

27. More of my family is coming to visit this weekend.

28. The best is yet to come.


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