Selah~Day Eighty Two

I heard a desperate cry for help from Judah. Immediately, I switched into super hero mom mode and ran to his aid in the living room. When I arrived, wearing my “here I am to save the day” face, I quickly realized that his cry for help was in response to his blanket falling off the recliner. I breathed a sigh of relief and made a silent decision to let him help himself with this situation of turmoil. For 5 minutes, Judah pouted, fussed, cried, and half-way tried to put the blanket back on the recliner so he could sit on it. It was a most dramatic display and admittedly he gets that from his mother!

My random chuckles did not help the situation, but rather fueled his fit a little more. Finally, I said, “Judah, seriously…this is not a big deal. Is this really something you want to spend so much time being upset about.” Then, it hit me…the Holy Spirit spoke and said…”learn from this.” Ouch! I was going to learn a lesson from this as well.

I finally waved the white flag of surrender and helped Judah get settled back into the chair. Then, I thought about what just occured. I thought about the times that, like Judah,  I too cried out for help for situations that I should not have been spending my time, energy, and emotion on. I wonder how many times my Father has thought, “Kara, seriously…this is not a big deal. Is this really something you want to spend so much time being upset about.” I am sure this is why God tells us often in His word, “Don’t Worry…Don’t be anxious…Rest in Me, etc…”

I am sure that I am not the only one who can concur that there have been times when you have either worried, gotten upset, spent emotions, and/or whined over a situation that you later realized was so minute and insignificant in your life.  Nevertheless, we don’t always learn and we repeat this pattern of behavior over and over and over again.

I think I am going to work on this…this is definately a cycle that needs to be broken.

My 28 Thanks:

1. The Lord uses me to teach my son important truths.

2. I learn important truths while teaching my son.

3. I love being a mom.

4. The thought of me as a super hero, even in writing, is funny.

5. I love to laugh.

6. Judah and I enjoyed a quiet morning together.

7. Judah got to eat a strawberry sprinkled donut this morning. He loves sugar! Yikes…

8. Judah and I had a great grocery shopping trip in Crest. He was so helpful and talked to me a lot about the different food items.

9. The workers at Crest are so nice and helpful.

10. Brittney and Brandy are back in Oklahoma. Sweet girls who have spent three weeks away caring for their family.

11. People who care for one another.

12. I am not a cook at all. But, I made an amazing chicken spaghetti tonight. My own recipe.

13. My brother, Jake, and his wife Madison and son Gatlin are staying the weekend with us.

14. They loved my chicken spaghetti.

15. Judah and I spent the afternoon at the Library. He loved playing puppet show.

16. Judah let me read him two books tonight.

17. Gary had orange tulips delivered to my door today.

18. He wrote a very sweet, not-typical message in the card.

19. My husband is always looking for ways to make me smile.

20. God made flowers for me! Ha Ha…when I was in college, my roommate, Jahni, and I would always buy fresh flowers every week for our apartment.

21. Tulips are my favorite flower. I may be using personification. But, I love the gentle, graceful beauty of a tulip.

22. Two of my KidMotion kids returned from Royal Family kids camp and they had a great time.

23. Memories…

24. The proof of desire is in the pursuit. I have desire.

25. 87 people read my last blog.

26. My husband fought a big fire this morning. He didn’t get dehydrated and he stayed safe.

27. My friend, Danielle’s 10000 Reasons blog rocked it tonight. It really moved me.

28. Intentional relationships.


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