Selah~Day Eighty Three

My 28 Thanks:

1. My little brother and sister in law and nephew had a great visit with us.

2. Family memories shared around the kitchen table.

3. Baby talk. I love listening to babies form words.

4. Gary and I had great help setting up the Back 2 School Fuel Service.

5. Young Adults. They are so helpful, creative, and excited about life.

6. Risk Takers. I don’t consider myself one. But, I love hanging out with risk takers and listening to their views on life.

7. We worked a 12 hour day today. But, it went so smoothly and quickly.

8. I had lots of energy today.

9. Judah was a champ. He had a great, helpful attitude all day.

10. Our guest speaker and his wife are super friendly and easy to host.

11. My friend, Deborah, finally got an apartment of her own. This is a huge deal and I am so proud of her.

12. Several ladies at our church were able to attend Women of Faith Conference. They had a great time and built amazing friendships.

13. I got to hang out with some new friends today. I am excited to get to know them more.

14. A church from Edmond, Winner’s Church, brought 12 kids and joined us for our service tonight.

15. They were a great group of kids and leaders.

16. The service tonight was so fun! I laughed and laughed and laughed.

17. I barely have a voice tonight because I screamed the power verse with so much passion.

18. I have a voice that can boldly declare the Word of God.

19. The Bible is TRUTH. Kids heard some of that truth tonight and 5 kids responded to the altar and were saved!

20. I got to hear a room full of kids boldly “rap” this truth tonight, “Jesus said You Must Be, You Must Be, You Must Be Born Again!”

21. I learned some new kidmin games tonight.

22. My brother and family made it home safely.

23. My faith, hope, and trust is in the Lord…no one or nothing else.

24. Jesus is my portion. He is all I need and He is more than enough.

25. Jesus changes me on the inside.

26. Our waiter at Johnny Carinos tonight was so sweet. She has waited on me several times and she has such a great spirit about her.

27. Some of my kids experienced major life change at Royal Family Kids Camp this week.

28. People who invest in the lives of kids are more valuable than the most precious diamonds.


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