Selah~Day Eighty Five

My 28 Thanks:

1. I didn’t have a “case of the Mondays.”

2. I was able to get ready for work with little interruption.

3. Brandon, Gary, and I had a very exciting conference call with someone about something somewhere. I am still pumped over it.

4. It only took me about 5 minutes to complete my July Financial statement.

5. God has called other people to work full-time with numbers.

6. I am surrounded with people who have talents and strengths where I am weak.

7. Teams.

8. Rony and Jameson had the KidMotion sound system reconfigured in less than 30 minutes. Huge Help.

9. My sweet husband spent the entire day re-installing the KidMotion stage.

10. He also brought us lunch.

11. Judah had a great day playing with his friends.

12. Mindy and JaQuisha love kids and take such great care of them.

13. I had an awesome, life giving conversation with Starla.

14. Starla met some goals and was super excited.

15. Goals.

16. Creative people.

17. Judah made me laugh a lot today.

18. Danielle and Rony came over for a spontaneous dinner.

19. I was spontaneous. Wow, I can do it!

20.  Fun conversations.

21. Rony is alive. If you knew his story, you would be thankful too. He is a miracle.

22. The more I hear of people’s stories, the more I realize NORMAL doesn’t exist. The only thing that is normal is abnormal. That should take some pressure off:)

23. Judah and I prayed healing for one of my friends before we went to sleep.

24. Judah used to be afraid of the Jets in the bathtub. Now, he loves them.

25. Some of my are back at school this week. I know they are going to have a missional year.

26. From the pictures being posted, it appears that my Rowin Family friends are having a great vacation.

27. Every day is a new day to try something new.

28. His mercies are new everyday.



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