Selah~Day Eighty Six


What we guard, shows what we value. Think about it…Our most prized possesions are usually locked away in a fire proof safe, kept in a vault at the bank, or a ziploc bag tucked into a jelly jar buried in the back yard. Whatever your mode of safety, we guard what we value. We also insure what we value. My family, my health, my home, and my car are all insured. We pay large sums of money each month to make sure our most precious possesions are safe, sound, and secure.

After reading Proverbs 7, I realized another example that proves that physical possesions are not the only things that we should take extreme measures to guard. Think about it…we are reminded multiple times in Proverbs to use wisdom about who we hang out with, where we travel, and what choices we make. The man used as an example in chapter 7, didn’t guard his most valuable posessions: purity, covenant, wisdom, and his heart. Because he let his guard down, he was seduced and laid down his values on the bed of a thief.

Are we careful to guard and insure our hearts, our commitments, our purity, our wisdom, our minds, our emotions, our words, our thoughts, our dreams, our pursuits, our motives, Wow…our motives, and the list can go on. But, if we truly value them, we will guard them.

My 28 Thanks:

1. He loves us so much.

2. We sang that song in Staff Chapel.

3. Listened to a great message illustration.

4. Our team had lots of laughs today in our meeting.

5. Dreams can be revived.

6. I have a friend who is dreaming again.

7. God heals the broken hearted.

8. God is close to the broken hearted.

9. We defined the word “team” for our Crossroads Staff Team.

10. Starla got a buy one, get one free deal on cards. I thought she won the lottery. Ha Ha…

11. I love it when people are excited-even over the small things.

12. Creative brainstorms.

13. Gary always helps me load my bags into the car each morning.

14. He continually looks for ways to help me.

15. Judah got to stay home with his daddy all day.

16. Judah slept in until 10:00 a.m. This is the latest he has ever slept in. I am so glad he got rest.

17. Friends you can share your heart with and trust that your heart is safe.

18. Charlie blessed me with a brand new water bottle. And, the water bottle is green, my favorite color.

19. Judah and I had a fun laughing session when I got home from work.

20. The Hoovers came over for dinner. They watched Judah for us while we went to kids camp. He had so much fun with them.

21. A home to host people for a night of fellowship.

22. Tom and Amy are great friends, who love Jesus and love us.

23. Judah had a BLAST with Asher and Jairus. Lots of laughter and loudness filled my home.

24. Jairus didn’t fall down my stairs.

25. Gary grilled chicken and used a new marinade. It was delicious.

26. We cooked together.

27. We cleaned together.

28. Together is a wonderful place to be.



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