Selah~Day Ninety Three

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah was so excited to go to Mom-Moms house that he helped dress himself.

2. Judah got to play with his cousins today.

3. Every seat around the staff table had a person sitting in it.

4. Great team discussions took place.

5. Vision written down for all to see.

6. People who are excited about executing vision.

7. I can learn from mistakes of others and avoid those pifalls.

8. I can choose to not take offense. Offense gives the other person power over me.

9. The more I choose to forgive others, the more I give God the ability to free me!

10. More activity does not mean more productivity. I can choose to be more productive and not more active.

11. I got to spend my lunch break with Pastor Marcia.

12. She likes to hear my opinion on things.

13. Dorothy is always so helpful and so encouraging. She has the purest of servant hearts!

14. I received an email from a friend who has recently had a change in their job situation. Now, she can come to church on Wednesday nights and she wants to serve in Girls Ministries!

15. I was able to help out Pastor Marc today.

16. I haven’t had any desire to eat candy or meat or bread or dairy.

17. Danielle always offers to help me out with the odds and ends of my job.

18. My landscaping has really done well in my yard. I can tell that it is growing.

19. Oklahoma has received great amounts of needed rain.

20. Judah has a fun imagination. You never know when the floor will become hot lava!

21. The future looks pretty bright from my seat on the bus.

22. Jen came to measure my window length one last time. And, she gave me a sneak peek of my curtains. I AM SO EXCITED. They are beautiful.

23. Austin was able to knock out several items on our punch list today.

24. Lorry Gail and I spent four hours writing out an outline/story board for this year’s Christmas production.

25. Creative writing.

26. Lorry Gail has an amazing heart for kids.

27. Funny, corny jokes that make you laugh out loud!

28. Jesus is my best friend.



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