Selah~Day Ninety Two

My 28 Thanks:

1. Morning prayer with my team.

2. Worship music that aides in prayer.

3. The secret, quiet places where we talk with God.

4. God talks to me.

5. God has the answer to every question.

6. I had a sweet moment with the Lord and shed a few tears. I could feel Him holding me.

7. God is close to the broken hearted.

8. The Righteous suffer many afflictions but the Lord promises to RESCUE us from every one!

9. I met our new youth pastor and I am super excited to have him on our team.

10. The new youth pastors have 3 small children!

11. Kids Ministry is growing.

12. Qdoba has great, Daniel-fast friendly food.

13. Gary took care of a ton of to-do items for our house.

14. Judah has so much fun with his daddy.

15. Gary setup Netflix on our new TV. Judah loves watching Netflix. What kid doesn’t like having a library of Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam episodes to watch?

16. Zach came over and visited with us. He missed Judah and Judah missed Zach.

17. We laughed and laughed and laughed about Zach’s lips! Funny story, I won’t share over the web:)

18. Laughter with others.

19. Judah and I played Good guys vs. Bad guys. We each had dart guns and walked around our cul-de-sac shooting “pretend” bad guys.

20. The neighbor lady, Ms. Sharon, brought Judah an ice cream treat while we were playing outside. Judah was thrilled.

21. Gary pays all of our bills and I don’t have to mess with our budget. I just do what he tells me to do! Seriously! Some of you are laughing!

22. Starla got a lot accomplished and it makes her feel good. I love when other people celebrate accomplishments as much as I do!

23. Several people appreciated my “spilled milk” blog.

24. The audience who reads my blog helps keep me accountable to this awesome journey God has asked me to travel.

25. My mother-in-law received an awesome report from the orthopedic surgeon. No surgery needed at this time!

26. I have great in-laws.

27. God never wastes a hurt.

28. Health.


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