Selah~Day Ninety Nine “I am actually ready for football…”

On Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, I love to read weekend church reports from ministries all across the USA. Usually, I get those reports from my twitter feed or facebook posts. I follow some great, growing ministries of all different denominations in the US and I love to see the pictures of people standing in line for church, or read about overflow rooms having to be opened up, or hear that extra service times are being added to accomodate growth. People are hungry. And, the local church is the HOPE for the hungry.

Each week I celebrate what God has done at Crossroads Church, as well as around the world. I am so glad that in the Kingdom of God, we are really all one church with multiple locations. I love being a part of God’s great team who has one goal in mind: Leading people to Jesus. In my seven years of “ministry”, I have learned that our approaches in ministry may vary from team to team, but our goal remains the same.

Regardless of the approach, we (the church) are all moving the team towards a common purpose.

In a week or so, I will participate in my second fantasy football season. I had so much fun last year picking players, forming teams, and winning games. Shockingly, my mind is thinking football right now. So, I thought I would throw in a litle football jargon to make my point even clearer and intimidate the guys who think I am unqualified for this year’s draft! Ha Ha Ha…

I have watched a lot of football in my 33 years of life and in every single game each player has one thing in mind: the endzone. Now, the way the teams get to their endzone differs. I have seen risky, give it all  plays, like the infamous Hail Mary. I have bit my nails while watching the, pray to God it works, on-side kick. And, the fake punt always excites the fans. I have also seen more strategic, slow approaches, like the inside draw. I have, at times, questioned a Quarterback keeper approach, but they seem to always get some yards and every once in a while you catch a big break. Then, there is the ever so popular, if well-executed, screen play.

Regardless of the team or the approach, every offense wants to move the ball forward. They don’t want to ever fumble or lose yards! Never! It happens, but it is never the plan.

I am thankful that I am on a great team, made up of all different players from different locations, who all want to move the ball towards the end goal…the endzone. Tonight, I celebrate those different plays and hope that we all score touchdowns on a daily basis.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I enjoy Mondays.

2. I get a lot of work done on Mondays.

3. I worked from home Monday morning.

4. I wrote a lot on a video project script. I like the direction it is going.

5. Gary made it home early from the fire station, which means he was up all night working. But, he was home early.

6. He brought home milk and eggs and saved me from having to go to the store.

7. We were able to help out Laura with Abby Grace once again. She is so funny and loves wearing pajamas.

8. My niece, Morgan has started Pre-K. She loves school and loves to learn. I am sure she is going to be the teacher’s favorite. Her big blue eyes and curly blonde hair are pretty cute!

9. Starla rode with me to lunch. We always have fun conversation. She is such a funny person and makes me laugh.

10. Starla is growing in ministry on a daily basis. I am proud of her.

11. I was able to discern that a friend was having a bad day. So, I went to her and prayed for her. I believe it was strategic.

12. I choose to be available and allow the Lord to use me.

13. My feelings were considered by others today.

14. Truth and transparency.

15. I am learning leadership principles on a daily basis.

16. I am a part of a much bigger team who works for a common purpose.

17. I celebrate different approaches and thank God that we all have the same purpose.

18. Pastor Ted and Dustin Drewery helped me with my football lingo so I didn’t look like a dork over the world wide web.

19. My friend, Debby, wrote me the most beautiful letter. Her words are a treasure to me.

20. Danielle has opened up her life to this amazing writing journey. It has changed her life too.

21. Gary and I blessed some friends, who just lost a loved one, with dinner. I miss Kenneth and Jenny so much. Their little boy, Joel, is precious! I am so glad I got to see them.

22. God has a bright future planned for my friends.

23. There is a place for everyone.

24. I am reading a new book called, Relaunch, by Mark Rutland. His book is amazing and I am only on chapter 4.

25. I have heard Mark Rutland in person 2x. He is one of my most favorite speakers.

26. Found out today that my mom is going to spend her birthday weekend with me!

27. My sister Haley is coming too! I see a Girl’s weekend in my future.

28. The Lord brings PEACE to every storm, big or small, He brings peace.


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