Selah~Day 100 “2,800 and then Forevermore!”

This morning, I ate a cup of grape nuts while driving to work. Now, before you judge, please note that I was careful and I only took bites when I came to a stop. After a couple of bites, I realized these were not real Grape Nuts. Gary bought the knock off Best Choice brand. While I support the Best Choice and Great Value brands, there are a few items like Saran Wrap and Grape Nuts that don’t work or taste the same as the real thing!

When I saw the knock off brand in the pantry the day before, I commented to Gary and said, “Honey, you bought the Best Choice kind?.?.?” To which he responded, “Yes, I have had them before and they taste exactly the same as Post Grape Nuts.”

Well, I quickly called him after I had my few bites in the car. I wanted to make sure he knew that they were not the same thing! Ha Ha Ha…When I got off the phone with Gary, I swallowed a few more bites of the “want to be” grape nut cereal and started thinking about counterfeit products or knock-offs. After I made a list in my head, I came to the conclusion that nothing is ever as good as the real thing. Whether it be a purse, shoes, love, friendship, or perfume, to name a few, nothing looks as good, feels as good, or works as good as the real deal (at least in my opinion).

Thankfully, Jesus is the real deal. There is no other substitution for Him. No other love, no other peace, no other joy can compare to the love, peace, and joy He has to offer. Today, I celebrate 100 days of giving Him thanks. He is the real deal in my life and no other “brand” can satisfy like He can.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Jesus is the real deal.

2. Judah gave me extra hugs and kisses before I left for work this morning.

3. Judah has never had to go to daycare. That is a huge savings and blessing.

4. Today is the 100th day of my 10,000 reasons journey.

5. !00 days means 2,800 reasons for my heart to Bless the Lord.

6. I get to do this forevermore.

7. I still have my heart “attacks” on my door and when I saw it this morning it reminded me of how thoughtful is my friend, Danielle. She is an encourager.

8. Lori and Aaron came to the church and helped set up kids ministry for tonight. It is a part of their weekly routine. So thankful for their servant’s hearts!

9. Gary brought up lunch and helped setup for ministry tonight too.

10. I got to see Judah on my lunchbreak too. He always brings so much ENERGY to my life.

11. I finalized my teaching notes for Sunday. Going to use Zaccheus to talk aobut friendships.

12. I am a Friend of God.

13. Pastor Marc is letting us borrow some youth stage props for our new Shine Your Light series.

14. We recieved a HUGE blessing this week from some amazing people in our lives.

15. God is faithful and He is true to His Word. Give and it shall be given unto you.

16. Judah and I had a very funny conversation in the bathroom today. Even at 3, boys love to talk about poop.

17. I had an awesome visit with Pastor Marcia today. She and Dorothy are one-of-a-kind, out of this world, wonderful ladies.

18. I only had about 15 minutes at home between work and church. So, I wore my outfit from work to church. I got several compliments. People are not used to seeing me in a skirt.

19.  I received great responses from an email opinion poll that I conducted.

20. I got excited while teaching my “In His Image” lesson tonight.

21. God made me in His image.

22. Angela Mondragon is going to be a great addition to our team. I love her energy and excitement for kids.

23. Ministry went very smooth tonight. Every one was in the right place at the right time.

24. The kids loved our version of Words with Friends and they want to play it again.

25. The game was fun and it required little props!

26. Compromise…it can be a beautiful, powerful thing.

27. I saw big smiles on a lot of faces tonight. I think we sometimes underestimate the power of a smile.

28. Restoration.


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