Selah~Day 107


My 28 Thanks:

1. We ate breakfast together as a family.

2. Healthy food.

3. I had an encouraging, helpful conversation with my friend, Amy. She always knows what to say and when to say it.

4. Danielle and I are sitting next to each other right now, writing our Wednesday Thankful blogs. So glad she shares a love for writing and is on this journey too.

5. Daily people are reading my 10,000 reasons journey blog. They keep me accountable to this awesome adventure.

6. The Old Testament. I LOVE those stories.

7. My friend, JaQuisha, may be one of the kindest, selfless, and loving individuals I know. I am so glad that I get to see her everyday!

8. I received a HUGE shipment of brand new chairs for Kidz Ministry. It was a surprise delivery. They should have been here weeks ago. The facility team was so kind to help me unload the 34 boxes of chairs in a timely manner.

9. People can surprise you in good ways.

10. I am surrounded by people who rise to the occasion when needed.

11. Jameson found an old picture of me in a Christmas Production. He emailed it to me with the caption, “Nice Sweater.” What’s bad….I love that sweater. My mom bought it for me to wear my first Christmas as a teacher. Now, I look at it and realize it is truly one of those “teacher sweaters.” I had a great laugh about the good ole days.

12. Gary and I almost finished our new KidMotion set design. I think the kids will like it.

13. I had a great conversation with my Uncle Danny and my grandma. They are so excited about Danny’s great news from the doctor. And, he gets to go back to work on Tuesday.

14. My entire Kidz Ministry team was out of the church building by 9:00 p.m. This is huge progress. Thankful to parents who pick their kids up on time.

15. The Crossroads Cafe offers a dinner option on Wednesday night. It makes it so much easier for our family to grab a good, cheap dinner before church service.

16. Several of our church families bring neighbor kids to our Wednesday night ministry. They are so important. So thankful that they care. They are making huge, eternal investments in those kids by simply offering a seat in their car.

17. Pastor Marc had huge attendance numbers in CYM. Growth is the will of God and I am super excited for our Youth Ministry.

18. Bryce, one of my teen leaders, is a stellar young man and student athlete. He invited the entire defensive line of Southmoore High School to youth and they came!

19. Dustin was able to fix the KidMotion lights before our service. He was super busy, but took time for kidz ministry.

20. Everyone of my leader’s served last night. No one called in sick or had any work concflicts. I have a great, healthy team.

21. The energy and passion the Wednesday Night Kidz Ministry put behind the song “Jesus is Alive Right Now” was amazing. It was the best I have ever seen.

22. We had a smooth night of ministry.

23. We had a ton of kids and several first time guests.

24.  We have house guests from California. So glad I could open my new home up to them.

25. Gary made them a late night snack of scrambled eggs and fruit. They loved it.

26. We laughed so much. I love sharing stories of funny things. Ryan, one of our guests, told the funniest story of sending a text message to the wrong “Danielle” in his phone. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I enjoy funny people.

27. I actually stayed awake until 1:00 a.m. I am not a late night gal, but I actually did it. One more check on the “doing spontaneous things” list.

28. I asked the Lord some tough questions. I am know He hears me.


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