Selah~Day 106

Jesus, my leader, steps into my darkest hour and turns it into my greatest opportunity.

My 28 Thanks:

1. Light penetrates the dark.

2. My darkest hour can become my greatest opportunity.

3. Everyone and every organization has a chance to have a turnaround story.

4. Dr. Mark Rutland. I wish he was a member of my family so I could talk to him everyday. He is such a wise man.

5. Dr. Mark Rutland’s book, Relaunch.

6. God makes beauty from the ashes.

7. “Even a field that is completely buned to a crisp looks amazing in about 2 months.” I appreciate the deep thoughts of my new co-worker, Jameson.

8. We had great discussion in staff chapel.

9. Pastor Marc led worship. He is a triple threat…He sings, He acts, and He (dances?). Well, he does preach!

10. We laughed a lot in staff meeting. I love laughing with others.

11. I love being surrounded by so many perspectives that have been formed by their own life experiences.

12. My uncle got a fabulous report from the doctor today. His heart is resonding to the medicine and he has been released to go back to work.

13. I had a great lunch meeting with Tami and Teri.

14. We talked Christmas Production. I love hearing their professional insight.

15. Tami blessed me with lunch.

16. Angela and I had a great conference call with a very creative genius. I love learning from the genius of others.

17. Angela is a great team player and a delight to work with.

18. I use my degree everyday. All my studies in English and Communications are vital to what I do each day.

19. Adoption proceedings for some dear friends of mine and their little girl will be final this next week. Their two year ordeal is coming to an end.

20. Pastor Ted told me that he appreciated my work on a specific project. It is nice to be appreciated.

21. An evening game of smack talk with my fantasy football brothers.

22. Judah and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood.

23. The evening weather was beautiful.

24. Judah finally got to see Paw Patrol. He fell in love with the promo commercials. He watched it 8x today. Thank God for freezone.

25. Laura, my sis-in-law, made extra food tonight for dinner. So, we got to eat with them. I love surprise easy dinner plans.

26. My mom is coming to visit in 3 days. We are going to have a great time celebrating her birthday this weekend.

27. God never gives up on you.

28. He cheers me on.


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