Selah~Day 109

My 28 Thanks:

1. We had an awesome breakfast with our house guests.

2. Gary had a great time playing guitar with Rony. Even though it was a short time, they had fun.

3. Danielle and Rony blessed us with all their food and condiments. They weren’t allowed to pack any of it into the moving truck and didn’t have enough room in their car. So, we got blessed with it.

4. Some of the items are from Trader Joes. I hear that is an awesome place. Excited to try new things.

5. Danielle left me the sweetest hand written card. Hand written cards should never expire.

6. We all sad goodbye. I am so excited that my friends are getting to return home.

7. Gary, Judah, and I had a fun time running errands together.

8. We found the items that we needed at Hobby Lobby. They were all on the 50% off list too this week.

9. Gary helped me finish the set design for KidMotion. I am excited for Sunday.

10. It only took us 1.5 hours to finish the set.

11. I learned how to setup lights.

12. My friend, Angela Mondragon, loves her new job and it is such a better fit for her awesome family.

13. Gary made a special pallet wood valence for my new kitchen curtains.

14. It turned out better than I thought.

15. My new curtains are hanging in my kitchen and they are beautiful. I love the design.

16. Jenn Myers, a kidmin leader and friend from church, is an amazing seamstress. She made my curtains and they make my home smile.

17. Gary found out about a real life treasure hunt he can go on. He loves to find treasure.

18. Gary helped me straighten the house and wash sheets.

19. My mom is here.

20. She always makes us laugh.

21. We took her to PF Chang’s for her birthday dinner. She loved the food item she ordered.

22.  We went at 5:30 p.m. and there wasn’t a wait at all. We also got to sit at a booth (My mom and I always prefer a booth-we think it is warmer in a booth).

23. Our waitress was phenomenal.

24. Judah and I had a water fight with the water hose. It was so fun. Judah thought it was hilarious to soak me when I wasn’t looking.

25. People responded positively to my blog on fear yesterday. A few people let me know that it ministered to them as well. We are all in this together.

26. We ended the night sitting on the couch, sharing homemade popcorn and great conversation.

27. Judah fell asleep easily.

28. Freedom.


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