Selah~Day 120

In order to go somewhere, you must first know where you are currently at.

My 28 Thanks:

1. I slept through my alarm clock. But, I still got to work on time.

2. Gary told me that I looked beautiful today…he always tells me that. It never gets old.

3. Not only did I win my Week One Fantasy game, I also accrued the most total points in the entire league. Yes, I am bragging. Pastor Ted will be my next victim this week.

4. I woke up without a muscle tension headache.

5. Pastor Marc and Talena led worship together this morning for staff chapel. Talena has a beautiful, sweet voice. So glad they are on our team.

6. I love Mark Rutland’s book, Relaunch. We got to discuss another chapter today. Each chapter is full of rich information and so applicable to our situation.

7. Pastor Marcia taught today. She lost all of her notes minutes before she taught. She wasn’t frazzled in the least though and just went right on. She is such a great role model.

8. Gary and Judah came and visited me during the lunch hour today. I hadn’t seen much of Gary the last few days, so it was nice to have lunch with them.

9. Gary has scheduled a weekend getaway for us. I believe it includes a carriage ride.

10. My friend, Melissa, is starting her 10,000 reasons journey. It will change her life.

11. I got a lot accomplished at work today.

12. Charlie created a really cool new design for my kidmin shirts. I love new design.

13. The future is bright.

14. We are planning some really awesome “BOOST” events for our 6th graders. I am so excited about the things we have planned. Our 6th graders are going to feel really special.

15. Judah and I played a fun game of Pictionary Man. I barely got to view my “lovely” artwork because his favorite part was erasing my work.

16. My sweet Cherryl sent me the kindest text. She is one of the most faithful, thoughtful, and awesome teenagers I know.

17. Pastor Marc ministered to Jefferson Middle School’s football team today. So excited for this open door.

18. Beautiful evening weather.

19. Judah’s personality is exploding. He makes us laugh continuously.

20. I received the sweetest Thank You cards from Danielle and Desiree.

21. Handwritten notes are like dribbling in basketball. It will always be a fundamental and awesome!

22. Gary made a healthy dinner.

23. Gary bought all the ingredients to make some type of Smores concoction that was created in his head. It was a HUGE FLOP. We had a great laugh. It did smell really good though, but it didn’t look like something we could stomach.

24. We had an awesome family walk around the neighborhood.

25. We met a new, young couple in our neighborhood tonight.

26. Judah loves riding his bike.

27. Family prayer time.

28. Judah went to bed early, so Gary and I had uninterrupted time together. It amazing how much you miss uninterrupted conversation.


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