Selah~Day 119

My 28 Thanks:

1. I can go back to sleep after Gary leaves for the fire station. In the past, I would not be able to go back to sleep…not because he woke me up for good, but rather because I hated being alone and I would have to pray against fear. Now, I don’t even know if I am ever conscious when he actually leaves.

2. Judah and I both woke rested and ready.

3. We had a great morning together and got ready for our day without any fussing.

4. Judah loved wearing his dinosaur shirt. He is such a boy and finds laughter in so many things.

5. We laugh a lot in the Hendrickson home.

6. Judah held onto my hand extra tight while walking into his school.

7. Judah’s teachers are so caring…even when they have to pull him from my leg. Glad they understand the social anxiety of 3 year olds and work with them.

8. I am so thankful for every kind, soft voice in my life. Truly, a soft answer calms storms and a harsh word stirs them up.

9. Staff prayer day creates such a peaceful atmosphere.

10. Peace.

11. I get to pray at work.

12. Gary had a great shift at the fire station and got to do some fun, confined space training. Let me set the record straight…Gary thought the confined space training was fun. To me, that would be my worst nightmare!

13. Gary and I both love our jobs.

14. I had lunch with a very special friend, Ava Hatton.

15. We had amazing salads from Charlestons. I love Charlestons. The atmosphere, service, and food is always top-notch.

16. Ava’s heart.

17. When I picked Judah up from school, he ran to me and threw his arms around my waist and yelled, “Mommy!”  Every time he sees me he reacts as though he is seeing me for the first time in a REALLY long time. I love my little boy.

18. Judah and I got to spend some time playing together before we headed back to the church for an evening event.

19. Fostering Hope…A Night with the Bair Foundation was awesome and enlightening.

20. I got to know my new friend, Natalie, a little more. She is a foster parent recruiter for the Bair Foundation and has a MOST BEAUTIFUL story of hope and restoration and healing. I love her big heart for kids.

21. A very unique group of individuals gathered to learn more about foster care. People of all ages and backgrounds came together with a like cause…help kids.

22. People are excited about caring for kids.

23. Citizens Caring for Children was also represented and they gave me great insight into how we can better help in the world of foster care.

24. People who not only make a difference, but they ARE the difference. I am surrounded by people who ARE the difference.

25. I did setup, execution, and tear down of an event all by myself…with Judah. I stayed calm too. It was a wonderful night.

26. Safety and Protection.

27. One day closer to my favorite season…Fall.

28. Even though we don’t get to spend every night together, Gary always tells me goodnight.


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