Selah~Day 122

My 28 Thanks:

1. Morning prayer time.

2. The Book of Joshua.

3. Gary and I pray together.

4. Gary was able to come to a very important meeting with me.

5. Bruce Barry presented some AMAZING sketches for us to look at.

6. He really captured our heart for the future of kids ministry.

7. Because we had architects, construction managers, staff, and Bruce in the meeting, we were able to put our heads together and make some significant changes to our original plans.

8. Change is good.

9. Investments into kids and youth is a priority in our church.

10. I was in meetings ALL day long, but I still managed to get my plans for Sunday ready.

11. God is faithful.

12. He gives you exactly what you need for each day.

13. Dorothy blessed the entire creative team, as well as Gary and Judah, with lunch.

14. My friend, Holly, is so excited about her new job with Gap and the flexible hours they allow her to work. I love it when jobs allow moms to be moms too.

15. The construction in the KidMotion room is almost complete.

16. Peyton Stimson celebrated another year of life. This precious young lady is super unique. She has her own sense of style, a quirky, fun personality, a big heart for others, and an ability to make everyone her friend. She makes the world a better, more colorful place.

17. I have a fireplace in my home and a mantle to decorate.

18. My friend, Sam Jones, always refers to his children and others as “Champions.” He gets it. He is shaping their destinies to be champions.

19. Gary bought a 50lb bag of rice for Judah. So, instead of sand box, we have a rice box. Judah loves it and our back porch looks like a rice field.

20. I cooked a healthy meal. It made up for Gary and Judah’s homemade vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

21. The nice evening rain watered all my plants.

22. The weather is cooling off quickly. If I haven’t mentioned it…I love the Fall season.

23. Gary and I enjoyed watching a movie together on the couch. Even though it was a long movie and we started it late, it was not animated or educational. It was just fun.

24. We stayed up late…it was like we were young college kids again with no concern for sleep. Ha Ha Ha…

25. I don’t have to set an alarm for Friday mornings.

26. I get to spend an entire day with my family.

27.  My words can impact Judah’s life in a powerful way. I choose them wisely.

28.  The future can be greater than the past.


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