Selah~Day 123

My 28 Thanks:

1. Fridays are my sabbatical.

2. I had a beautiful morning walk.

3. The Bible is truly food for thought.

4. When Jesus comes into your life, you change.

5. John 4–Jesus spoke so sweetly to the Woman at the Well. He treats the sinner and the saint with the same amount of love and compassion.

6. Jesus knows the depths of my heart.

7. Jesus sees your potential, not your past.

8. Zach came over for a farewell visit.

9. Judah got to ride his bike outside for a really long time. He loves playing outside and I love watching him.

10. Judah grins ear to ear when I cheer for him.

11. Judah was super obedient this morning, so we blessed him with a trip to Toys-R-Us. He wanted an etch-a-sketch.

12. Timeless toys that never fade out. I had an etch-a-sketch too.

13. The employees at 405 Imports are so fun and kind. They have the coolest furniture from India. Gary, Judah, and I love to look at the furniture.

14. Family lunch at Pei Wei.

15. We found a Spider Man costume at TJ Maxx for Judah. It was only $20.

16. We had fun doing arts and crafts on the living room floor together.

17. We took a trip down memory lane and spent time on Campus Corner in Norman.

18. Gary filled my car up with gas. It’s the little things that make marriage so awesome!

19. Judah gives big hugs.

20. The weather was so nice.

21. We spent more time outside than inside today.

22. Judah make everyone hold hands when we pray.

23. I drank a lot of water today.

24. My yard looks beautiful.

25. Gary gave me a back massage.

26. I have a special pillow that keeps my neck in perfect sleeping position. I truly can’t sleep without it.

27. Judah wants me at night.

28. Judah has a cute lisp. Eventually, it won’t be as cute, but right now, I LOVE IT!


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