Selah~Day 128

My 28 Thanks:

1. It was a beautiful, stress free morning.

2. Judah was so excited to wear his new school t-shirt. I love the way he pronounces his school’s name.

3. Judah was so excited that he got to ride to school with mom-mom and his cousins. He even told me that he didn’t want me to pick him up, but rather

4. My mother-in-law took Judah to school for me, so I didn’t have to go into work super late.

5. When I pulled away from my in-laws home, Judah came running after me with open arms. I stopped the car, got out, and was greeted by one BIG hug.

6. Ethan and Evan, my nephews, had to hug me too. I love sweet, loving boys.

7. I was able to spend an entire hour brainstorming future sermon series for KidMotion.

8. I had lunch with my friend, Debby. We always have fun, interesting coversations. She makes me laugh.

9. Debby is a beautiful example of God’s handiwork. Her story makes my heart smile.

10. When I picked Judah up from school, his teachers told me that he is a kind, well-mannered boy. It is such an honor to hear good things about your child from people outside of your home.

11. I met Kristy Starling today in person. I found out she lives in my neighborhood. She is as delightful in person as she is on Twitter. I love the music her band, Warr Acres, produces for the Lord. I listen to them often on Spotify.

12. Worship Music.

13. New friendships.

14. The A/C broke in our baby room. And, it was warm. The leaders could have moved to another room, but they were concerned about upsetting the nine little ones. So, they stayed and sweat it out. I have the best, most caring nursery leaders in the world.

15. My entire team was gone from the church at 9:00 p.m. They love the new dismissal schedule.

16. My 6th grade girls are so helpful. They stepped in and help out in our exploding 3s class. They were a huge help.

17. Kids Ministry has an awesome, kind security team who makes us feel safe and cared for while ministering at church.

18. Gary resisted most of the HORRIBLE food items at the fair except for his beloved cinnamon roll. And, a sweet family bought him the cinnamon roll. Then, when they walked away they told Gary that they appreciate what he does to serve the public.

19. Firemen are well-respected and treated kindly. The public probably treats firemen the best all civil servants. It is unfortunate, but I am glad my husband is a fireman and not a police officer.

20. Gary and I are teaching Judah to respect all authority. Every time we see a police officer, we tell Judah how thankful we are for police men and that they are our friend and protect us. We also encourage Judah to say hello. I am glad that we are training our child to respect people and positions of authority.

21. Because Judah had a 3 hour nap, he was in a great mood on our way home from church.

22. When driving at night, Judah and I play a fun car game. We take turns calling out the colors of the street signs that we see lit up. He loves seeing orange lights!

23. For a late night dinner, I had home made Ezekiel bread and Trader Joes Jam. Danielle blessed me with several Trader Joes items and it is truly delicious!

24. My home alarm system is top notch!

25. My sis-in-law got a great deal on an almost brand-new SUV. It was an unexpected surprise blessing. She is excited!

26. Gary enjoyed working at the fair for 2 shifts. He made around 20 calls today. He was busy.

27. Judah, me, and Disney Jr.=late night snuggle time.

28. When I lay my head down to sleep at night, He is with me. I can sleep in sweet peace.


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