Selah~Day 130

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah loves to spend time sitting on my lap in the mornings.

2. Gary, Judah, and I relaxed all morning.

3. We got a lot of house keeping items completed.

4. I approached a situation differently today and it was a better approach. Growth is the will of God. 

5. Safety while traveling. 

6. Hospitality.

7. I finally used the bath “experience” ball (ha ha ha) that Danielle bought for me. I have never taken a bath in pink and purple water. I am thankful for thoughtful friendships.

8. Great conversations with my funny mom. She makes me laugh. 

I am thankful for:

9. Consistency. When you need to be consistent. 

AND~I am thankful for:

10. Change. When you need to change. 

11. The weather was cool enough that I got to explore another part of my closet. I love Fall. 

12. Eric and Laci invited Judah to spend the night. 

13. Judah was thrilled to spend the night with his mends, (friends) Ethan and Evan. They are like triplets. 

14. Gary and I laughed all day together. We found “funny” in so many ways. 

15. I received a really sweet, surprising facebook message from a friend. Words of encouragement fuel you more than coffee, energy drinks, and sugar highs. 

16. Gary and I took a carriage ride around the downtown area of Guthrie, Ok. It was our first carriage ride, but definitely not our last. 

17. It was a most beautiful evening.

18. Old Architecture. Every person has a story, so does every building. I love honoring the Old and welcoming the New. 

19. Creative and Artisitc displays of talent.

20. Our carriage driver, Steve, was sweet and funny. 

21. We walked into our bed and breakfast and found amazing home-made cinnamon rolls (huge) and fresh baked bread and jam. 

22. Gary and I enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner with each other.

23. The sunset was absolutely amazing.

24. The Oklahoma Sky never disappoints. 

25. Gary and I got to watch a movie together.  And, it was a non-Judah kind of movie:) 

26. Date Nights~We have to do that more often! 

27. Gary was able to help out some friends of ours at the last minute. We love Eddie and Tracy Loomis. This kind, caring couple has always been encouraging and supporting of Gary and me. 

28. Fridays. I wish they came around more than one time a week! 


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