Selah~Day 132

My 28 Thanks:

1. We have several leaders positions open in kids ministry on Sunday mornings. But, every Sunday, God works it all out and people fill the gaps.

2. Faithful leaders.

3. My team has a blast serving kids.

4. We had several guests in service this morning.

5. Gary and Dale did a wonderful job leading praise and worship while Debbie is away.

6. The kids loved the “shipwrecked” message. They laughed a lot.

7. Kids laughter.

8. Small groups were awesome. The last minute craft idea went over really well.

9. All kids ministry services went well. We didn’t have any difficulties.

10. Big church was awesome too. Lives were changed.

11. Pastor Marc’s family life bumper went over well. TV shows like The Cosby’s never disappoint.

12. We had a healthy, at home lunch. It is nice to have some extra time at home in between church services.

13. We spent time this afternoon outside. We are loving the great weather. Spending time together + the back porch= BLISS.

14. I got a lot of necessary work done this afternoon. Feeling ahead of Monday already.

15. Gary and Judah had a water fight with the hose. Judah finds it hilarious to get other people wet…especially when they are fully dressed. Gary is a great sport and it turned into a time of wonderful play.

16. Laid back, easy going people.

17. I love to read. I love to learn.

18. I referred a family who had a child struggling with Math homework to seek help from a woman in our church who is a retired teacher. They did. After one, 15 minute tutoring session, that child is having success in Math. One person can truly turn the light bulb on! You just have to be available.

19. Available, helpful people.

20. Neil Kennedy was our Guest Speaker this Sunday in Big church. His message on The Centurion Principle was superb.

21. God doesn’t work around leaders, He works through them.

22. When one submits to authority, God will cover you with provision, protection, promotion, and empower you to do greater things.

23. The stage redesign looks amazing. I know how much work goes into even small changes. My team worked hard and hard work always pays off.

24. Our worship doesn’t come from what God has done for us, but rather who God is. Just because of who He is…I give Him glory.

25. Another friend of mine began her own 10k reasons blog journey.

26. Madi asked me to help her on an English question.

27. Kids are the church right now.

28. I get to serve with World Changers.


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