Selah~Day 134

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I had a great morning routine.

2. Judah didn’t cry when I dropped him off at school. He is getting used to his new schedule.

3. Judah’s teachers really care about him and watch him close.

4. Kind, caring people who love to smile. I love to see people smile.

5. I actually spent time working on future projects today. I love working ahead.

6. Facebook-when used appropriately, it can provide you with all kinds of connections, insight, and free advertisement.

7. Even though it is sometimes an inconvenience, I appreciate road construction. When you learn to drive on dirt, gravel, and paved roads that have pot holes that could swallow your entire car, you appreciate well-cared for roads.

8. I got to spend the late afternoon with Judah. We were able to relax a little before church.

9. My in-laws are having an amazing time on their trip.

10. Dustin can do cool puppet voices. He is going to help me on a big project.

11. You can accomplish so much more with a team.

12. Opportunities are opening up left and right for Rony and Danielle. The future is bright.

13. Janelle helped me with a project today. Super excited to have her on our team.

14. The cafe serves a lite, but great meal on Wednesday nights. It makes dinner plans so much easier.

15. Gary was able to take off the evening shift from the fire station and help me out.

16. Gary makes my life easier. He is so helpful all the time.

17. The final portion of the video shoot went really well. I think we are going to have a great final product.

18. I enjoy working with professionals outside the church walls. It adds more creativity to your work.

19. Judah fell asleep on the way to church, but when we had to wake him up, he wasn’t cranky!

20. The kids loved the opening game. I love their energy.

21. Kids on the Move introduced us to Shine A Light. It may be our favorite song. The kids love it and I love singing that song with them.

22. We had a great night of ministry to more than 150 kids.

23. Sam and Pam Walker are two of the most thoughtful people I know. They really blessed my friend, Ava, tonight.

24. God is working all things out for my friends James and Ava Hatton.

25. Gary has never been able to participate in the Peanut Butter Club at the Fire Station (he is allergic to peanuts). So, the guys had a brilliant idea…Gary could be a member of the Nutella Club. When Gary told me this story and showed me the results, I almost peed my pants laughing hysterically. My husband is going to need a chaperone at the fire station. My honey loves his job.

26. The fire station is truly a second home and a second family.

27. Memories shared with others.

28. God’s promises are forever…they will never change.


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