Selah~Day 138

My 28 Thanks:

1. Made it to church on time.

2. We were short staffed in some areas and people came through to help out at the last minute.

3. Deborah Fulton…she is a trooper. In her cute Sunday outfit and high-heeled shoes, she came and rescued us in the 2s room.

4. Angela Lewis…she makes calm. If she is present, I know all will work out.

5. My leaders are flexible.

6. My check-in team is awesome. And, they got a workout before service even started. They are so kind, helpful, and a first class team. They hosted TONS of new families today.

7. I met 10 new families during the Sunday school hour alone.

8. I handed out FOUR kidmin apps from people who approached me about serving in our awesome kids ministry.

9. Someone thought the candy drop-off booths were decorated by my very talente friend, Holly. But, they were decorated by me…my work was compared to the work of HOLLY!!!!! She has taught me a thing or two.

10. I can’t walk down a hallway without getting a ton of hugs.

11. Mr. Jerold’s class had 21 boys in it for Sunday school time. 21 is no longer a small group:)

12. After service, the preschool team had an awesome lunch and learn.

13. Lori presented great information on how to discipline and how to play.

14. I ordered just enough food. Everyone was full and no food was left.

15. Someone took a GIANT step and told me their heart today. And, the enemy lost power  in that situation and the healing process has begun!

16. I met so many cool people today.

17. People loved the team teaching with Pastor Ted and Tami.

18. Everything excites Judah. I love experiencing life through his eyes.

19. My friend, Laura, hung out with me tonight at the family life celebration.

20. Church Fellowship.

21. Outdoor parties.

22. People from all different backgrounds hung out together tonight.

23. We wrapped up our 4 week series, Shine Your Light. Kids have been empowered to boldly tell their world about Jesus.

24. Judah had a blast running around and playing with friends tonight. Miss Molly made him feel really special. She has the sweetest heart and care for little kids.

25. Judah is learning at rapid rates.

26. Gary gave Judah his bath tonight.

27. Gary remembered a really cool toy that he purchased Judah at the Fair. When you shoot it in the air, it flies high, spins, and lights up. It was really cool and we had a blast playing.

28. Family.


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