Selah~Day 137

My 28 Thanks:

1.Gary is home on a Saturday.

2. We enjoyed a lovely morning together as a family.

3. We didn’t leave the house until the afternoon.

4. The morning rain cooled off the temperature. I love watching the rain come down. It is so peaceful.

5. God is creative.

6. Oklahoma is no longer in a drought. We have had a wet summer.

7. The garage is now clean and organized.

8. We went shopping! Judah needs new shoes, but he only wants shoes the light up. It was fun trying to get him to consider shoes without lights. We saved money because we didn’t buy any new shoes.

9. We built an amazing tower out of blocks. It was taller than Judah and he thought that was awesome.

10. Lunch at Pei Wei never disappoints.

11. Gary finally branched out and bought jeans that were close to the “skinny” jean family.

12. I had quiet time to prepare my kidmo message.

13. Peter denied Jesus, but then he bodly proclaimed Jesus and people were saved.

14. Second Chances.

15. The day of Pentecost.

16. The power of the Holy Spirit gives us boldness.

17. The Gospels.

18. I had a blast trying on rings at the jewelers while mine was being cleaned. Gary’s says I have to wait for our 25 year anniversary before I get an upgrade. I think he’s softening!

19. Gary rubbed my back.

20. Judah and Gary make me laugh all the time.

21. Despicable Me was on ABC Family. That’s Judah’s favorite movie.

22. My In-Laws sent us a gift from Vermont. It was a treat basket filled with some of our favorites: maple syrup, pancake mix, granola, and honey!

23. Pancakes for dinner! My house smelled amazing and no one makes maple syrup like the people in Vermont!

24. Thoughtfulness.

25. My In-Laws are having an amazing trip.

26. I enjoyed an evening walk by myself.

27. I can walk in boldness and confidence.

28. Rest.


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