Selah~Day 140

My 28 Thanks:

1. The book of Proverbs.

2. Joyce Meyer Ministries.

3. Joyce Meyer Ministries, as well as others, are committed to reaching out to every part of the world with hands of hope.

4. Judah and I have huggle time almost every morning. Huggles are hugs+snuggles=huggles!

5. Most people think that I am fearless when it comes to public speaking. That is not the case, however. I always get nervous. But, staff chapel went well. And, even though I was “afraid,” I did it.

6. The team like the activity.

7. Small Groups and interaction.

8. Janelle is multi-talented. She really made my presentation better with her large, cartoon like characters.

9. Great insight and revelation comes from collaboration.

10. Teams.

11. Pastor Ted turned another year older today. We surprised him with a birthday lunch and it worked. He had no idea.

12. My new friend, Jessica Fellers, celebrated her birthday too. She is so sweet, a great mom, and loves life.

13. My baby brother and his wife, Madison, celebrate 3 years of marriage today. I had the honor of performing their ceremony. With odds stacked against them, they are winning. I am proud of them. Both are great parents and hard-working young adults.

14. Gary made me an awesome door for my message illustration this coming Sunday.

15. Judah was an awesome helper today.

16. This door will not only serve as a great sermon prop, but also will be used in our Christmas production. I love “killing two birds with one stone.”

17. Johnny Carinos was super helpful in finding a lost receipt for me.

18. I had a great conversation with a guy named Lance Lang. Lance started a ministry called “Hope is Alive.” After losing everything due to serious addictions, Lance is now free and started a ministry to help others get clean-physically, spiritually, and mentally.

19. I get to help people.

20. I thought we were going to eat oatmeal for dinner. But, then I discovered that I had all the ingredients to make Gary’s favorite casserole-Green Enchiladas. It was awesome. Nevertheless, the oatmeal would have been healthier.

21. Gary ran to the store and got groceries after dinner.

22. Finally got to talk to my mother-in-law about their trip. They had a BLAST.

23. Pastor Ted text me a “Great Job” today text.

24. Pastor Tami and I shared an open conversation about expectations, pressure, and more!

25. Starla is feeling better.

26. Our nursery calendar is well-staffed for October. Yes, we still want to recruit others to lead and serve, but for now, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Every children’s pastor or nursery director out there understands completely what I am saying.

27. New people are in my life.

28. Relationships.


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