Selah~Day 141

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah didn’t fuss when I dressed him in nice clothes for picture day at school.

2. I had fun conversation with my new friend, Kristy Starling. Our kids go to the same school and we live in the same neighborhood.

3. I got to drop Judah off and pick him up from school.

4. My friends “had my back” today and helped me avoid a particular situation that wouldn’t have been ideal.

5. I haven’t spent money on lunch all week. Bringing your lunch to work saves time and money.

6. Janelle helped me put together my game for Wednesday Night Kids.

7.  Judah’s teachers were so kind and after pictures they changed him into play clothes so he could be more comfortable.

8. My nephew, Ethan, broke his arm. Thankfully, he will not need surgery.

9. Even though my heart is heavy for those being affected by the government shut down, I am so thankfully that ultimately the government is upon HIS shoulders. I don’t have to fear.

10. I am in this world, but I am not of this world.

11. Judah and I got to rest before going back to church.

12. Judah ate all of his dinner tonight before church.

13. Michelle Halbrook is super thoughtful. She blesses many families at our church.

14. Ministry went well.

15. People who always think about others first are such a blessing.

16. Tonight, I received one of the greatest compliments ever. A family came up to me before service started. I hadn’t seen this family for about 3-4 months. They told me they had started visiting other churches just to see what was out there. At the end of this “church hopping” journey, their kids told them that of all the churches they had been to, they wanted to go to Crossroads Kidz because they had the best praise and worship, best lessons, and best games! My team rocks.

17. Encouragement.

18.  The kids loved the new countdown slide I played tonight. It turned out to be a fun pre-service game.

19. Surprises. When something ordinary turns out to be fun for kids, you have success.

20. Despite popular opinion, kids are still easily entertained. They really just want interaction with you!

21. The youth ministry had an awesome night at mud bowl.

22. We can have fun at church! We can get really dirty too.

23. Car ride conversations with Judah are the best. We had so much fun picking out the colors of street lights as we drove home last night.

24. I was smart and gave Judah a bath before church. So, our after church bedtime routine was so much easier.

25. I had a great late night phone conversation with my childhood best friend. It is always nice to catch up.

26. Gary is getting practice riding out as the officer in charge. His promotion is fast approaching. I am proud of him.

27.  We talked about ghosts tonight in my small group. We had great conversation and I hope the girls left empowered, knowing that we don’t have to be afraid and we should never mess with the evil side of the supernatural.

28. The Word of God brings truth and sheds light on every subject matter.


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